Alternative names: Virtual Racing

Webracing online - is a browser online game that immerses you in the virtual world of racing. If you are a lover of speed and wins, if you are used to being first on the road and are not afraid of the dangers around the corner - then this world for you!

So, to start the game, you need to go online Webracing registration: in the window that opens enter the e-mail (a login) and password, fill out the necessary information, and that your Registration Webracing finished. You can start the game!

First, you will have to choose a plain car: Fiat Punto or VW Golf. In the future, racing, you can afford to buy a wheelbarrow abruptly to upgrade and more ...

Now let's move on to creating your character in online game Webracing: after registration you will need to think of a name and select a character vashomu his avatar. You will need to distribute 20 free skill-points your character depending on what you want it to be - a drag racer or a pro racing circuit. Have your driver in Webracing online game, there are four basic parameters are: Technical merit, Persistence, Care and reaction. Webracing online game, has five types of upgrades for your character (driver) - one type for each parameter and one that circulates once all parameters. Purchasing upgrades, your driver may be the best pilot in the races!

Play the game online Webracing except your main character (the driver), you can hire two additional.

Now let's look at the situation with your car: after you will have more or less worthy car to participate in the race, it will be possible to upgrade. On your car, you can not install more than 14 items! Depending on your upgrades in your car, improving performance.

Play Webracing be better buying and selling your car (you can have more than one car! ), Repair and tune them. All this can be done in your garage. Important! In your garage is placed just four cars (not counting active), but you can still purchase the extra space in the garage ...

Play the game online Webracing, you will have the ability to create or join existing clubs.

All Clubs in the game, divided by level and skill: Beginner, Amateur, Pro and Champion.

Beginners - This is a club with a level 1-3

Amateur - a club with a level 4-6

Pro - This is a club with a level 7-9

Champions - a club with a level of 10-12

Increase Ranking and Club is won by the participants of the Club!

In the online game Webracing, your character can have a job, it can be easy, medium or difficult. The easier the job, the less chance that your character will be fired, but the salary corresponding to such work. Job opportunities you have, only 1 time in 24 hours. Each job has its own deadline. After the deadline, your character gets all the money. Speaking of money!

In game Webracing online gaming has its own currency:

WR - this silver coin-game (they can earn by performing a simple job or winning the race)

GXP - it is a single game currency (the currency you can purchase exclusive items for auto tuning, upgrades to the driver with improved and more items heaped Syndicate)

Gasoline - he will need to participate in the race (race 1 "worth" 20% of gasoline, 100% accumulated in exactly 1 hour).

In Webracing play, you can as creating and participating in already established Races, moreover, you can act not only as a rider, but as a mere spectator.

In conclusion, I will say this, there is still such a structure as the Syndicate (it stands for the bases in numerous races). With him and with all the others, you can get acquainted, please register in the game Webracing. Good luck to you!

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