Wild Guns

Alternative names: Hans Wild

Online game Wild Guns invites you to go to a distant prairie Mexico, where you will find a hot fight for the rich and fertile land. What to choose - a peace pipe or hatchet, decide now!

Wild Guns online game belongs to the genre of arcade games (Action / Arcade), as conceptually very similar to the arcade toys. Yet, here there is entertainment, storylines, characters, and resources - in short, everything that makes it a full-fledged computer game. Unfortunately that Wild Guns online Russified not, however, by its ofsayte, USA country you will be available for the English version - believe me, here is very simple to understand.

With regards to system requirements, here are the minimum possible - to play in the Wild Guns suit even your office computer from any browser.
Join in the game except that the English language is complicated forms to fill out, but we now understand in stages throughout.

So Wild Guns registration begins with the option «register now for free» - before you fill in the fields: Name (Username), password (Password) and e-mail. In addition, you need to select the server on which you will play the game Wild Guns online. Three servers here - Death Valley, and West Hill Capture Rifles. And three class heroes who choose here - the Cowboys, Indians and Mexicans.

Cowboys the most numerous class, they are the defenders (what most and strong) and assistants in the extraction of resources.

Mexicans - the most balanced class, strong in defense and in defense.

Indians - class aggressors, strong in their attacks, but in terms of protecting pretty weak.

Once selected a server and a class of his hero, now is to adopt the rules and user agreement on what actually in Wild Guns online registration and ends.

Play online game Wild Guns you start immediately, there is no such process as customize your character (due to the genre that's forgivable). Well, your next step is to search the village where you settle. Here, among the prairie, you can choose any village and begin to develop, in order to turn into a prosperous and impregnable base. Of course, for this you need resources. Get them is not difficult - they are in the surrounding landscapes you - wood in the forest, iron mine, the clay in the soil. You can also grow grain in order to sell or exchange for other resources. Little undeveloped can go explore the surrounding area on the road collecting valuable and interesting for yourself artifacts. Keep an eye on the surrounding areas you may like the look you what other settlements, and you want to expand on their zone of influence.

Play game Wild Guns online, you can not without its own troops to create it will need to hire soldiers. Hire them go to the tavern and, of course, taking the gold coins. Speaking of money. Panning for gold will not be easy, you need to try their luck on the goldfields. Although, if you're lucky with the harvest, then you can make money by selling grain.
Once managed to assemble a team of mercenaries in Wild Guns game is more fun - constant firing, persistent opponents and a lot of gunpowder in the locker.

Wild Guns online game in which you have a great opportunity to feel brave cowboy westerns plunge into the atmosphere and everything associated with it. Protect your territory from aggressive usurpers, develop their own infrastructure, to make peace with those around you tribes, or on the contrary, be active and expand their holdings. In general, light a pipe of peace or not bury the hatchet - it's up to you!

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