Wild terra

Alternative names: Wild earth

Wild Terra survive at any cost

Players who are close to the theme of the development of their character in the wild, will certainly appreciate such a novelty as the game Wild Terra. This most realistic client game will allow the player to go through the process of mastering and surviving in the wild. Using the example of his character, the user will face all the difficulties that surround a person who has fallen on the wild land: hunting, survival, building a home, searching for treasures, a siege, etc. d. And all this against the background of high-quality graphics and great functionality.

Real world in virtual space

When you start playing in Wild Terra, you will notice that there is no definite plot here. Initially selected by the player character appears in tatters and tries to understand where he is. Soon he is faced with the same first settlers, like him, and they are trying to work together on a new plot of land.

Developers have tried to bring the development of the plot and the graphics to the most realistic image and playback. There is no place for magic and other fabulous stereotypes. Therefore, as the game progresses, the character encounters only real enemies in the form of wild animals and poisoned plants.

Project and its functionality is isometric. This makes it possible to build buildings without any problems and create the necessary interior. The character in the course of the game not only tries to survive, but also creates all the conditions for comfortable living on a developed plot of land. Among the functions of the hero are the creation of a farm, planting wheat, making weapons and pieces of furniture.

K The main features of the game include:

  • Reality of what is happening on the screen. The virtual world in this client game was depicted as realistic as possible. Only starting to play, the player will be able to fully immerse themselves in the impressive world of the wild land;
  • High potential. Here the user will be able to see the process of the game not in the previously familiar first-person format. Due to the isometry, it is possible to use free movement and construction;
  • game development. At the moment, you can download the game Wild Terra and use all the provided conditions. And you can take part in the development of the game. To do this, just need to pay a set of early access.

Sets of Wild Terra

In the project, you can participate with certain advantages over other players, due to the fact that the development process is not over yet, every gamer has the opportunity in the game Wild Terra to buy a set of early access, and thus support the project. Access to the game for such a user will always be open, in addition, he will receive additional bonuses, which also have no expiration date. At the moment the set includes several titles:

  • Knight. By acquiring this title, the player receives 1000 gold and 10 premium days. In addition, he will have the key of early access and be able to participate in the development of the game;
  • Baron. Such a player gets 15 premium days and 1600 gold. Additional incentives include getting a recipe for a noble cuirass, participating in the development of the game, an early access key and his name in credits;
  • Viscount. The player receives 2200 gold and 25 premium days, the above access possibilities + recipes of the cuirass, shield and legger;
  • Graph - 2800 gold and 35 premium days. In addition, all of the above benefits + sword recipe;
  • Marques - 4500 gold and 60 premium days. As well as all the above regalia + recipe for the greaves and braces;
  • Herzog - 6000 gold and 80 premium days. In addition, a raincoat recipe is added to all available benefits.
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