Will of Steel

Alternative names: Will of Steel

Will of Steel - a computer game in the genre of real-time strategy. In translation, perhaps more familiar to you, Will and mind. Game developers have made efforts to translate into reality gaming war between the Eastern countries and as a big country like the United States of America (USA). It shows the American perspective on the problem of terrorism and its utranenie. Game Will of Steel like as done by real events, and that's just not noticeable full coincidence with reality. Costs you look yourself.

As for any computer game, you can browse the Internet Will of Steel video, read these reviews before you entice gameplay. Then visit the site where you can play Will of Steel download. And proceed to the brutal fighting.

The game is presented with the two warring parties. Kind of like a good - Americans who oppose terrorism. And the bad - the Arabs - are disgusting, evil warriors.

Game Will of Steel'll play two different single-player campaigns: in Afghanistan and Iraq. Before you perform the sixteen game missions. But the main thing is the destruction of the Arabs, giving rise to terrorism and violence in the world.

You - the battalion commander of the Marine Corps of the United States. Performing tasks put in front of you, you and your entire team'll have a lot of advantages - increasing, new titles, in consequence of the use of new tactical action. Accordingly, in your power, each time getting more and more opportunities - request data from the satellite, summoning reinforcements, artillery preparation and management of air raids.

Game Will and Mind has more features such

• The combat units and weapons;

• The graphics quality;

• Voice control.

Combat units and weapons - you are given to the management of more than a hundred units and a variety of types of weapons.

Quality graphics - high quality. Here is a day and night, different weather effects, carefully detailed graphically designed model of transport and other facilities. Presented accurate map of the state United States, to the smallest detail.

Voice - if you have a microphone, you can control the troops.

Indeed graphics in the game is represented at a decent level, as well as sound in the absence of your voice instructions. Will and Reason viewing videos you already see for yourself. Before beginning the game process.

Hurry feel mostly in the whole process of fighting against terrorist groups. Only presented here for you such an opportunity.

Do not forget to share knowledge about the game Will of Steel with friends.

But the game did not get good reviews from gaming critics. Perhaps because such a pretty intense game, and it can go completely in one evening. And not only that. It now remains to get your conclusion about the game will and mind.

Have a good mood and gameplay! Thank you for your attention.

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