Wind of Luck

Alternative names: Wind of Luck

This game you have to play on behalf of the seaman, who wants to win supremacy on all maritime spaces. In addition to you in the game Wind of Luck online this crave most other bands and organizations.

Wind of Luck game that you can play for free, pre-loaded on your computer game client.

In the Wind of Luck game you can play the following types of ships:

  1. Asian.
  2. Caribbean.
  3. Mediterranean.

By Asian vehicles include:

  1. Kobukson - is the most famous warship East Asia.
  2. Catamaran is a small double vessel, which appeared on the Polynesian islands.
  3. Quee Song - this famous Korean ship.
  4. Pirate Junk - a traditional vessel for East Asia fortune seekers.

By the Caribbean vessels include:

  1. Barca is the original ship Caribbean ships. This is one of the lightest vehicles in the game, and it's a very good boat to learn the basics of naval warfare.
  2. Smuggler Schooner - a small schooner, designed for quick and short runs, low profile with folded sails and good resistance. Consistently good ship under adverse winds. With a displacement of about 90 tons of it can achieve high speed sailing for a long time.
  3. Bermuda - this vessel, which often occur among beginners fortune seekers or low-profile marine rats in Caribbean waters. Stable under adverse winds. Slim and sleek schooner Bermuda can reach a maximum speed in a very short time.
  4. Privateer - large ship designed specifically for the prosecution and attracting merchant ships. Housing due to their strength are designed for speed and armament. It is generally intended for a small distance and speed depend on its players within a short time. This ship can perform any task, with small losses.

By Sredizemeomorskim ships include:

  1. Polacca - is a versatile ship. It has oars and sails as triangular and square, it's very good for the favorable and unfavorable winds. Can swim in the shallow water.
  2. Balancella - this is a great fishing boat. She just 4 small cannons on board.
  3. Xebec - is the most common design of the ship, which is used by the Barbary corsairs in the Mediterranean Sea in the XVII-XVIII centuries. Low board ship made it difficult target for large ships. Xebec extreme maneuverability make a very good option for tactics and sneaking to the opponents.
  4. Battleships - This ship, which are divided into 4 bets. This beauty has an almost perfect balance between firepower, toughness and movement capabilities. On board the 60 guns on two gun decks. With a strong structure and a tight dress.

Play Wind of LuckVy're in different regions on different maps. Your attention will be given six regions.

Start the game Wind of Luck free to play with your friends. They are much more interesting and time passes very quickly.

Wind of Luck online - this is a real game, it is undoubtedly you like it!

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