Wizardry Online

Alternative names: Wizardry Online

Game Wizardry Online is a multiplayer game, which was based on a series of games.

In Wizardry Online registration will not take you much time. You will need to do the following to register:


1. Find the official website of the game Wizardry Online. Make sure that this really is the official site.

2. Find online registration form.

3. Click on the site "Enter" button.

4. Right in front of you will appear in the registration fields. They need to be filled.

5. Enter your e-mail address. Your address will be your login in the game.

6. Create your own nickname for the forum. This is your nickname.

7. In the next field, enter the code that shows you the picture on the monitor screen.

8. Now the game is on the stage of closed beta, so if you want to participate in this now, then confirm your decision by marking the appropriate box. Participants of closed beta get bonuses.

9. Click on the button "Create Account."


Play Wizardry Online best with what parameters the PC is not yet well known. Danae information will be available at the end of this year or early next.


In Wizardry Online play you have the opportunity such races


• Man - they can be attached to any class. They have incredible abilities, but most will power inherent in them.

• Elves - this race inherent magical powers. For them, it is best to choose the class of priests and magicians. They have a low level of life, so in the military they are weak.

• Dwarves - belong to this race only men. They are great warriors and can be priests.

• Porkuli - this race thieves. They are very fast. They do not fit any other class.

• Gnomki - in this race include some women. They are very strong and can be warriors.


In Wizardry Online each class chooses his own way and on his choice depends very much in the game.

In Wizardry Online Free You can play any of the selected classes


• Warriors - a class that is easy to defend and attack. But the soldiers can not use magic and can not defend himself from it.

• Thieves - a class that is considered to be the most intelligent. He has developed very well all the skills. They are very agile in battle, but they have only light armor.

• Priests - a class that treats its allies and support them in all the battles. Their power level battles on par with military forces.

• Magee - a class that has a small living standards. Attack worse soldiers fight well on the battlefield against the monsters.


In Wizardry Online You can choose the path of lawful occupant of the game or take a neutral position. But, of course, without the dark side and will not do here, and you can step on the dark path.

Wizardry Online - this is a game where everything is only in your hands. You must gather the courage to engage in mortal combat.

Suppose you succeed in the game Wizardry Online, and you achieve your goals with his character. You are sure to become the most powerful player in the game Wizardry Online.

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