Wizard World II online

Alternative names: Game Wizard World II

Online game W i zards World ΙΙ - free browser role-playing game, in which you will learn and master the new magical world. This sequel is already known and popular MMOR PG "W i zards World". For three years, as has been simmering struggle between the armies of the dark forces and light wizards. During this time, many were able to achieve bright, hard conquering your world. Their small settlement grew into a huge and strong Aradon, city, dominated by good spirits. Light managed to repulse the ancient Zaorn revive Dorikan and found Elair (school for wizards volunteers). However, the Dark is not going to put up with the loss of power. It is not known by what spells and rituals, but the Dark manages to find a way to another astral plane World Wizards. This beautiful virgin world has never set foot wizard, and evil is already here. According to the plan of the Dark World ΙΙ will become a base for his army. But, fortunately, failed to notice bright these actions. The most powerful wizards, by unimaginable effort, find access to the World ΙΙ . Game W i zards World ΙΙ online - this is a fight between dark and light in the new world. Amazing world-legend consisted of dreams, crowned by majestic castles and populated fabulous creatures.

To begin you will need a registration in the game world of wizards ΙΙ . W i zards World ΙΙ registration is as follows: Entered the game and come up with a name password. If you want to subscribe to the newsletter of the game, the World Register волшебниковΙΙ предоставляет You the opportunity. To do this, type the appropriate line e-mail address. After that you should press the Register . Now you got to the second stage of registration. Join in the game W i zards World ΙΙ [_2_ ] further suggests such actions

- Enter your nickname;

- Password is entered from the W i zards World Ι (unless, of course, it was you)

- Select race of the main character (in a frame at the bottom are the special characteristics of this character);

- Specifies the floor;

- Thought out codeword;

- Enter your e-mail;

- The date of birth.

In conclusion, press Register . Registration W i zards World ΙΙ passed, and you can play the game World волшебников ΙΙ онлайн.

It is time to consider the fantastic creatures, which you will introduce W i zards World ΙΙ online game. Characters are called units. World волшебников ΙΙ online имеет units such races: elves, dwarves, goblins, humans, orcs, trolls. Description of each of them can be found in the rules of the game. The main character, which you chose at registration still can dial your party. At the beginning of the game is available for free in the squad to take two units. To increase the detachment, then have to pay coins for each of the next unit employed. You can, of course, dismiss neponravilis warrior, but will be refunded only half of the amount you spent hiring him. Coins can be earned by winning the battle.

Well, with the characters sorted out and you, of course, the question arises as weapons. After all, the same can not be our heroes to fight with their bare hands! Online game World волшебников ΙΙ позволяет every soldier in the battle to take the weapon, shield, amulet and two scrolls. Mage can take the shield, amulet, six scrolls. Each race relies your weapons. This, for example, goblins - knives, swords, for the elves - bows and crossbows, etc. § Weapon has its own parameters. Namely, increased shock protection, fire magic, weight, price. There is also a variety of boards. They can be made of wood, iron, bronze, etc. etc. You can play the game online W i zards World ΙΙ , using things got hold trophy (shield monsters, magic stick). By the way, do not forget that after every battle armament worn by 1%. So things from time to time require repair.

Now that we have dealt with the weapon, you can safely enter the arena of battle. The game has several types of fights. This training fight a duel and duel to complete victory. Play W i zards World ΙΙ need pridelnyh observing caution. Remember that, even though the vigilant guards, the city can penetrate monsters. Be ready to fight at any moment, because these evil and cunning creatures can attack you anywhere.

You probably already thought to play the game W i zards World Ι & Iota , online will be boring and there is nothing but an endless struggle. I hasten to assure you that it is not so! World волшебников ΙΙ играть very exciting. The game is not monotonous! You can find a variety of interesting activities. You can create your own clans (condition for the application is the title of Baron or higher) or join existing ones. Maybe you hit the arrow of Cupid and you want to get married? The game gives you the flexibility. Sacrament of marriage is performed temple servants. Or maybe you want to improve your financial situation. No problem! You can go to work in the service of peace. Choose one of the available vacancies and go! Just wanted to make someone feel good? What issues? The game allows players to exchange gifts. By the way, do not forget also about such a thing as Index commitment to peace. I advise you to follow the IPM, because you would like to receive a monthly promotion from City Hall? Not enough adventure? Want more adrenaline? Then you will walk in the quest. This area on the outskirts of the city densely populated by monsters. Fighting, you earn their extra treasures, then you can safely return to the city through a magical portal.

Well? I hope you now understand that you miss just do not have. Come check and make sure yourself that W i zards World ΙΙ play very interesting and exciting. You will experience a vibrant and diverse range of feelings in this magical world! Indeed, thanks to the game you do not just enjoy the adventure and feel like a real military leader and strategist. Train your army as military skills, as you determine the feats! We can only wish good luck in achieving your goals! Go for it!

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