World of Darkness

Alternative names: World of Darkness, WOD

Game World of Darkness - is a game that is still under development. The exact release date is not yet known.

World of Darkness Online - a multiplayer online game in the style of MMO.

In the World of Darkness registration is required for each player. In order to register on the site of the game, you have to follow these guidelines:

1. Found with any search engine game's official website World of Darkness.

2. On the site you will see on the left the inscription "Enter." Click on it.

3. After that you will see the authorization form. At the bottom of this form you will see the word "Registration". Click on it.

4. After that complete all sections of the registration form.

5. In the first line, type your name. This will be your name, which you will use in the game.

6. Enter the following line in your email address.

7. Write the password for your page, for authorization. Try to come up with a password that he was reliable.

8. Confirm your password. You need to enter it again in the next cell.

9. Write the characters that appear in the image.

10. Then press the blue button.


Play World of Darkness with what parameters the computer is not yet well known.

In the World of Darkness, you can play these clans:

1. Bruch - this clan includes rebels. This is a good clan that everything that happens takes to heart. Other clans believe that this includes only real "rascals and scoundrels," but in reality the situation is vice versa.

2. Tremere - this is a terrible clan. They are characterized by abuse and unclean thoughts. Ignore them in the game, no one will. They should be treated with suspicion. This clan has recently emerged, but the clan members are immortal.

3. Ventrue - they certainly are noble and have excellent taste. They always honor the ancient traditions and honor them. This clan seeks to maintain stability and to comply with the full order.

4. Nosferatu - the only one of the clan of vampires who do not like humans. For many years, they have been cursed. These clan considered children of Cain.

5. Toreador - they have a variety of nicknames. Every native of this clan can have any character trait that is to be as good and evil. But there is a single trait in Teodorov - it's a passion.

6. Gangrel - this clan is the most consistent with the description of vampires. They are the only one who tend to live close to wildlife. This clan - the real predators.

7. Malkavian - this clan is the darkest of all. Their hatred has poisoned their blood. Even the damned fear them.

World of Darkness Online will introduce you to the dark world of vampires.

Game WOD implies full interaction between players.

If you like magic, you enjoy the mysterious dark side of the human world, then the World of Darkness game for you.

Everything you need to start playing World of Darkness Online - is to register in the game and immediately begin the adventure.

Good luck to win this mysterious vampire world!

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