World of Battles

Alternative names: WORLD OF Battls

Online game World of Battles - a free, addictive multiplayer online strategy game that gives you a truly spectacular battles in real time between 9 races: knights, elves, dwarves, amazons, zverolyud'mi, barbarians, dark elves, orcs and undead. World of Battles game online thanks to its excellent graphics, detailed units and massive battles will really make you feel commander.
World of Battles To play you need to Join World of Battles game and download the game to your computer. Please fill in the registration fields to create your account on the site.
1. Enter your login game (the name that you will learn on the forums).
2. New password known only to you.
3. Your email address.
4. go check that you are not a bot.

When Register World of Battles over to play the online game World of Battles You need to install the game client (that is, immediately the game itself) to your computer:
1. Please click "Client Download" to download a special file «World of Battles downloader».
2. When loading the file is complete, run it and World of Battles online game will start downloading to your computer.
3. After downloading the game will prompt you to accept the licensing requirements for the final installation of World of Battles.

To play World of Battles Your computer must meet the following system requirements:
CPU: Intel Pentium April 3 Ghz, AMD Athlon 3000 +
RAM: 2048MB
VGA: NVIDIA GeForce 6600GT or ATI Radeon X1600, 128 MB
DX: DirectX 9. 0 (2008 march)
OS: Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Internet: 512 kbps
You can now proceed to a more detailed description of the races, for which you will be able to play the game World of Battles Online. All of them are divided into three factions: Good, Evil, Neutrality.
Knights. Despite his commitment to the good side, the Knights of Steel Roses too often show their arrogance towards others, even allied races. Nevertheless, it may be deserved, because against their knightly cavalry few who can survive.
Elves. Divided into two groups that can be called wood elves elves and aristocrats. In civilian life, these tribes rather scattered, but in battle against the common enemy is a flexible alloy deadly forest archers and fast cavalry elves aristocrats.
Dwarves. Strong and seasoned battle of nations. Not much you favor other races, probably due to the fact that those looking for a high gnomes. However, the gnomes are always open for trade in raw materials. But their main wealth is fighting vehicles and they are not in a hurry to share.
Beastmen. Mysterious people, which is a union of tribes minotaurs, centaurs and Volkolakov. Were created by ancient wizards for fun and rebelled against their cruel masters. Hence the distrust of other races. Have a mysterious connection with nature.
Barbara. They are a disparate tribes with different beliefs and occupation. Some are engaged in looting, others trade, and others - the protection of borders. Despite the differences in the army together with flexible choices troops.
Amazon. Warriors, who escaped from the men's prejudices about the place of women in this world. Harassment by the Knights tempered this nation and predetermined their nomadic lifestyle. Looking back on it, you can understand their cruelty to men.
Dark Elves. Proud race killers. If other races are always under difficult circumstances rely on friendly help and mutual aid, the Dark Elves have always counted on the treachery and baseness. They know a child lives in an atmosphere of intrigue and bloody merrymaking and killing fellow is no more than a part of natural selection.
Orcs. Rude and uncouth warriors who almost do not feel pain from his wounds. Orcs are born with complete conviction that everything is green in this world belongs to them, which naturally do not like other races, whose veiled green grass meadows. Saves only the innate stupidity of orc - for which the orcs limited raids on neighbors. But the emergence of a strong and relatively intelligent leader can change everything.
Undead. Once the most powerful race, who lost his god in the war against the forces of good. But completely destroy the undead is almost impossible because the people of this world will always die, and the continuation of bloody wars undead is just at hand.
Total each race World of Battles online has 16 types of combat units, so you do not feel the restrictions set troops. Especially because you can always improve its soldiers changing their equipment, which also appears on their appearance.
Play the game online World of Battles like all fans of strategy and tactics, because to win a few battles to collect a powerful army. Guarantee of victory is the right combination of fast attacks of cavalry, a competent defense, supported by infantry units, surrounded by the enemy's flank and rear.
World of Battles game online - is a virtual world requires constant bloodshed! Welcome to the World of Battles! World of World of Battles check waiting for you!

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