World of Dragons

Alternative names: World of Dragons

World of Dragons online - is fantasy multiplayer game focused on the air battles model free-to -play.

In the vast world where previously ruled three dragons, there was an incident. One of them wanted to seize power in their paws. The other two, which naturally, opposed such willfulness and did everything possible to defuse the insolent. The story goes that Dieblo was imprisoned in another dimension, and Asuryan Fireana and slept soundly. But nothing is eternal. This situation has changed over time. Sleeping dragons were forced to wake up because the inhabitants of the world clearly felt the approach of the time when dangerous Dieblo can get out of his prison. And for such an event certainly need to prepare. Calm in the world violated various battles and the struggle of the warring parties. Erstwhile idyll sunk in the summer. Now everyone gets older snatch for yourself the tastiest piece. So the battle for territory here commonplace.

To play World of Dragons , you should download and install the game on your computer. However, before signing up for this game World of Dragons . Creates an account is very simple. You must enter an email address that will serve as a login and password to be able to come up with the following sign-in. World of Dragons registration implies your agreement with the rules of the game, so keep in mind that pressing the button you confirm acceptance of our User Agreement.

Check out the necessary system requirements. The presence of such parameters as the operating system Windows XP / Windows 7, the processor Intel ; Dual Core 2,1 X , RAM 1 Gb [ _2_] and video card with 256 Mb memory and support DirectX 9. 0 c provide gameplay without braking.

Let's see, what can please the game World of Dragons . First, it is a nice pleasant to the eye chart, and secondly, a relevant sound, thirdly, simple gameplay. In addition to the mysterious world you gain the ability to perform a wide variety of quests as locations on earth and in the dungeons plus participate in grand battles occurring in the airspace. You will also enjoy the selected class with time allows for growth in line vending specialization, and their really very much. Note that at the start you need to decide which side you want to fight. There are only two. A race that divided vstrechayutsya Demon Kaebi, zverolyudey Sinkong, Halfingov, Azra local elves, werewolves Shady, people Oriana. Four classes available. Well worth weigh everything before you make a choice. After each class in its own way unique. That is, each has its own features, benefits and drawbacks. Play the game World of Dragons You will driving a hero, whose appearance initially are forming themselves. World of Dragons online game lets you choose even the smallest facial features, which means that you no one else will like.

With regard to the main chips game - dragons, there does not have to exert less effort than during the development of the character. After all, you have to pump your pet since its birth from an egg and as long as it does not turn into a powerful combat animal. On your shoulders lie care of the maintenance and education mount. The time will come when you will be able to sit on his back, being fully confident that the pupil will never let you down. It is worth mentioning that the ride can not only reptiles. World of Dragons you can play with other mounts. For example, the winged panther flying unicorns are no less effective in combat.

Despite the fact that World of Dragons game focused on PvP-battles lovers, you may well choose a peaceful occupation. After all, who need to create the same clothes, weapons, jewelry, various potions. Incidentally, with regard to the necessary things they acquired through assignments or bought in a special shop.

Dear adventurers, World Dragons Online is waiting for you! If you lures and attracts active busy life, just will not stay disappointed. Immerse yourself in the fascinating dynamics of the events and forget the boredom forever! Good luck!

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