WOW RTS: Alliance and Horde

Alternative names: WOW RTS: Alliance and Horde
Game WOW RTS: Alliance and Horde is a game mod RTS Stacraft II Arcade. As in the game Warcraft III, the player can collect a resource, it can build a base, train heroes and a block to destroy enemies and track them on the map. Currently there are four miles of cards that are available in Arcade. The player can play with another player or AI. Download WAH you have the opportunity with the official site or from other any site that provides this access. Download WOW RTS: Alliance and Horde can only grown users, for persons under the age of majority, to access the game is closed, if there is no parental permission. Before the game you can see on the video game WOW RTS: Alliance and Horde. In the videos, and represents the brightest moments of the main game. About the game world Warcraft RTS: Alliance and Horde review will reveal the most basic points: the game's story, gameplay, and the main game moments. WOW RTS: Alliance and Horde pc is not a clone of Warcraft III. He simply refer to WOW and many other games in the design. You can be the Gnome Mage who can use magic against the enemy crowd or read secret calls; You can be a healer and support each other as well as in the cult game WOW. You can also see places like Ashenvale, Crossroads and even Stormwind. These areas you can visit in the usual WOW, but at the same time you have to manage the entire army in terms of Rs. To date, WAH has three factions: the Alliance, Horde and the Burning Legion. All share in the previous game design which adhere followers official parameters in guiding the game. Game notes WAH some cards, but none the less likely that this game is built into the Arcade. It contains the main events over 300M, which supports a variety of cards melee. Under this architecture, new units, maps, even campaigns can be easily extended. To date, the WAH is under version 1. 51. The game is the next target of a new faction called Undead. Just as before, while referring to WOW and other games, you'll need to use your own train of thought in the development of this game. Players will also see another amazing at a fraction of the Scourge in the future. In Starcraft 2 modes make the game open in the MMO world. Perhaps it will become a reality faster than planned. To start the game you must do the following: 1. Register in the game and download the game client from SC2. After that you have to buy Starcraft II. It should be noted that shortly SC2 will be free, so you can simply register your account. 2. Select your server: America, Europe, Korea. Then enter your login, then you get to the page "Arcade" from the menu. 3. Now you will see all of maps WAH melee. Immerse yourself in the sup popular game WOW RTS: Alliance and Horde. Feel the winner of the cult game!
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