Alternative names: WRC
Only real race capable computer to make the heart beat faster and experience the incredible feeling of freedom. Good old game WRC - just such a project. In her play, even those who have no idea how to deal with the machine, and basically do not understand the charms of their own vehicle. This is truly a quality sereznaya game that will allow you to participate and maybe even come out the winner of the International rallying. This project - the most famous racing game is associated with the rally. For racing, you can only use official cars WRC, as well as the main characters are the most famous pilots and navigators, lit rally in season 2010. Attention players represented more than 70 tracks, each of which has its own characteristics, and their passage will need to develop unique tactics. All cars presented in WRC pc, divided into several classes. Representatives of different classes differ from each other not only in appearance, but also the manner of management - raznoprivodnye cars differently behave on the slopes, require an individual approach. The only significant observation that received game World Rally Championship from critics - incompletely system damage. Indeed, in the game there are times when even after a very serious impact, the vehicle continues to move quietly itself. But lead to fatal consequences can only fatal crash in the radiator and the gearbox. But you get used to it pretty quickly nuance - for a huge number of different tasks such trifles simply forgotten. To check-in, or rather, the gameplay started, you will need to download the pre-WRC. Today, all the necessary boot files are well represented in the vast multiple torrent trackers. Most likely, and on your favorite resources they too are available. Going into the game, pay special attention to the repair of motor vehicles, which produces between special stages. This idea gives the gameplay dynamics. In that case if you can not manage to fully recover your own vehicle, the subsequent tour WRC will play at less than full strength. And if the single-player mode, this problem seems not so important (at any time you can race restartnut), then in multiplayer it may affect and quite seriously. Play, by the way, you will be in the career mode, which consists of 10 large-scale stages. Compete in the project is the most interesting, of course, will be with real people. And, as practice shows, company collects from 15-16 pilots in less than an hour of the game. Talking about this project can be long, even more can be learned from WRC video trailer, but truly experience all the delights of this quality rally race, you can only test it personally.
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