Alternative names: Ksatrium

Game Xatrium: new, it's just forgotten old

С since the moment when in 2013, the DuncanConroy Xatrium browser game was introduced to the players, several hundred thousand participants, attracted by unusual graphics and plot, managed to settle there. Everything looks unnatural, strange and even old-fashioned, given the now popular realistic types of computer gaming products with details of all the details.

.This feeling that the world of this game is built on the old technologies, when the developers did not yet possess modern capabilities. But this is done intentionally, which is the highlight of the toy, so do not be surprised to see the flat landscapes along with three-dimensional, three-dimensional elements. Having started to play Xatrium, you will not experience any difficulties with the control that occurs by: mouse, arrows / WASD

Restoration from ruins

History unfolds in the post-war city. The terrible war in which humanity resorted to all the monstrous weapons it had had was terrible. Having lost vigilance and prudence, people exterminated themselves, and now only a handful of survivors are trying to rectify the situation. The once available resources have become rare, and it is impossible to recover them as quickly as previously spent.

People unite, united by a single misfortune, but there are also those who are still trying to control the remaining wealth on their own. This means that conflicts are not exhausted, but have moved into a new phase. In the respite between clashes, there is an attempt to restore the equipment and the human race. You have to go through all the trials, and take control of the remnants of resources, to revive the world.

Use the power of robots. They need to be improved, equipping them with new opportunities, otherwise the enemy cannot be defeated. A variety of tasks will help to reach the main goal more quickly, because so experience and skills accumulate.

Technology, fights and capabilities

For more productive missions, unite in groups. These are people who have registration behind Xatrium - the process is simple, but very useful, because it allows you to continue an interrupted event from the moment you leave. It also ensures that no one except you can control your game without knowing the login password.

You will become a pilot of a combat vehicle, which you can gradually improve, upgrade. Updates appear at each successive level, but in order to get to it, you must exactly complete the task. For example, destroy enemy ships and collect 100 XP. At each level, missions are different, and therefore it is always interesting what awaits you further.

Among the arsenal of technology for creating gamers available:

  • Platforms: tracked, wheeled, walking
  • Equipment for them: lasers, plasma-guns, railguns
  • Replacement motor
  • Change color in any of the 30 shades presented

When launching your child to freedom, guide him through the concrete jungle in search of the enemy. Sometimes he finds you himself, and then he will not get away from the battle.

Multiplayer mode is nothing but direct contact with other Xatrium iPlayer players. Acting together and together, you will most likely reach your goal, gaining the necessary points and bonuses for further advancement. Of course, there is also the possibility of a one-man game, but only up to a certain point. In PvE mode, it is impossible to defeat some monsters, complete missions and, accordingly, pass a level that is designed only for collective action.

Te who are intrigued by future adventures, can proceed to the registration and development of the virtual space.

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