X Rebirth

Alternative names: X Rebirth
X Rebirth game is a computer game in the genre of space simulator, which was the German company razrabaotana Egosoft. This game is the sequel-reset games in the series X. This game is part of the universe X. Download X Rebirth can only grown users. For those who have not yet reached grownhood, access to the game is closed. X Rebirth game download from the official website or pre-apply for its purchase. Game X Rebirth video you can see on YouTube or on the game's official website. The game play X Rebirth you will far distant future, in the universe X For beginners, the game becomes much easier. Playtime takes around 20 hours. The game's storyline will gradually open many opportunities. And then you will be available to new walkthrough "sandbox" with all possibilities in order for you to win. X Rebit game compared to other games in the series X provides a smaller number of sectors available, but, nevertheless, each sector is unique. In the game there is a set action. Gaming sector are divided by a hierarchical system: small location connected high-speed highways. Movement between the planets will occur via superhighways. Promotion sector is going through a gate. For kapshipov will be closed highway. However, jumping inside the system are available (they consume energy). The game will be made fully functional economy. Goods and resources will be created "honest" and not appear out of nowhere at the factory. Looks implemented and transportation products. Any merchant ship transports real goods, which is required for the Facility. Implementation of a normal economy reveals to the player a real opportunity to influence the market by connecting such a possibility as sabotage competitors. The main character of the game - a young pilot named Ren Otani. The main character has a co-pilot - it Isha. You will be available only one spacecraft. This ship has internal space and the team. The player's ship can be improved: engines, shields, and weapons, and so etc. During the game you will be to gradually join the team members. Some are added to the passing game. The player can move to the type of the first person on the ship, as well as stations. Moving in the middle of the player's ship will be presented together with the interior space, connecting cabins, and talk with the crew. Will also be available internally displaced kapshipov. Players can control the virtual interface through drones. Also available to you the opportunity to buy and build flagships. It should be noted that you have an enormous freedom in the vehicle configuration. The type of engine, choice boards, to organize defense systems and weapons, it all depends on the game. Plunge into the world of incredible events and you will not regret it!
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