Alternative names: Xterium

Game Iksterium is exciting computer game, in which you can play for free through the Internet browser.

Game Xterium registration is available to many users. In order to register in the game you must specify Xterium

1. Your user name.

2. Your e-mail address.

3. write your unique password for the game.


At the beginning of the game is necessary to establish Iksterium online purchase resources for their planet. To do this you need to build mines metal, crystal and deuterium. Metal and crystal mines it would be good to form simultaneously, so you need to take care that their level was constantly the same.

Deuterium Synthesizer You need to be on the same level as the other mines. Alternatively, in the case where the money you have insufficient, you need to keep it at levels lower than 5.

To start the game you need to play Xterium build a research laboratory to study the basic research. To start you need to examine the following research:

1. Espionage - this study, which is on the third level of the game. It is best to explore astrophysics.

2. Energy technology is at level 12. You need energy constantly. Energy you need on many levels for a variety of tasks.

3. Jet engine located at level 6. Jet engine you need to build ships of the type BT and MT. You need to fill that resources will be easier to make looting. Harder it will be to earn resources from their own mines.

4. Computer technology is at level 10. Do you need a factory nanites without it you do not do much.

5. Astrophysics is located on level 15. Early in the game you need to pump up to 15 levels. Then you develop desirable level 25.


Play Xterium You have to first on one planet. Early in the game you will be given your planet. This planet is always for you will be the main. You can not remove this planet.

You have to constantly equip this planet. You can on it, for example, build Technopolis. Then you have to build a ship to colonize.

Game Xterium online then you will need to engage in colonization. To do this, you'll have to search the planet with the largest number of planets located nearby.

You can have a maximum fourteen colonies. Colonies can be in contrast to remove the main planet.

Another advantage of the game is the teleportation planets. When teleporting planets subject to certain limitations. Teleportation pass very quickly. Teleportation from the moon for all players is impossible. Also, you can not teleport to your or another planet with any mission.

Xterium game that will appeal to fans of space and incredible entertainment. Treat yourself to unforgettable moments with the game Xterium!

Play together with your friends, share them with your emotions!

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