I feudal

Alternative names: Ya feodal

Online game I feudal lord - a novelty in the world of MMORPG, stands out great graphics and an original storyline. You are immersed in the legendary world of brave knights, powerful barons and great kings, shiny armor and the clash of swords.

Join in the game I made the feudal simple and beautiful. In the upper left corner click on the button "Register" and appears in front of you ... Gift a real diploma with the royal seal. You just have to enter your name (it is the same username in the game), a valid email address (it comes request for confirmation), and confirm the password, the characters from the image (captcha). I feudal Online registration requires just read the user agreement and assent to check the "I accept the terms ... . " All, press the orange "Register" button at the bottom and immediately get into the game.

Before you open mysterious medieval landscape, and pretty maid Greta takes you for breakfast duck with apples. Savoring a great meal, you leisurely inspect their possessions.

Game started!

Yes, if you are enrolled in a social network GameXP, then I check the feudal you unnecessarily - you are already in the game! Enter your username and password - and begin to play the game online I feudal lord.

First you have to go through the first training quest. You will get acquainted with the menu, game characters and types of gaming units and buildings, management and the basic principles of the game. I feudal game online - this military-economic strategy.

You start the game in the honorary title of Esquire, under your tutelage is given a small settlement - either city, which will expand, improve and defend against enemies.

In the game you will be mine, to build, to receive a reward (and even take away from other players in the swashbuckling raids! ) Food, wood, stone, ores and, of course, gold. These are the main types of resources. There is another resource - living space. Food, for example, need not only to hire new units, but also to maintain the combat capability of your army. Even the largest and most formidable army, with a lack of food weakens and will be broken in a fight. Number of residential places not only determines the number of your subjects, but also other buildings, as well as their level of development. This provides an important resource as you may have guessed, houses. Other resources mined in special buildings. Food - on the farm, which protects wild scarecrow in a blood-red sombrero.

Scarecrow is very effective against peasant thieves, but useless against uppity crows. But do not worry, the invasion of hordes of menacing Carcano you are not threatened ... yet. Unit "crow" as magical protection from it will be implemented in the next version of the game.

In mine producing iron ore at the sawmill - wood, stone quarry - stone. Gold gives you the taxes from the peasants and trade. Each building has a level of development that can and should be improved. The higher the level, the more resources are extracted. Barn just need to store resources, because all that does not fit there, "disappears" shamelessly. Windmill farm productivity increases. In treasury stored gold and stash you will hide their wealth from robbers.

I feudal online game has a very branchy, but intuitive tree development. To build the barracks, you need, houses and stables need to barracks. Most of the buildings you build, doing training quests.

Incidentally, the construction of buildings and beautifully detailed animated, showing the interior of ancient buildings with considerable accuracy and detail, while the game does not slow and buggy even on the weakest computers.

If desired, you can also ask questions in the chat games and even choose their Master.

City Hall - is the control center of your city, here you build and manage your domains. Higher the level of the Town Hall - more gold and speed construction of buildings.

Trading and can share resources on the market.

In the Square you will pick up the flag and lead an army against the enemy, going into battle mode game. Barracks, Stable and Workshop will serve you for the hiring of combat units. Build a wall, you turn your city into a fortified castle.

Palace - the top of the tree development. Here you have the most powerful units - aristocrats needed to capture the enemy castles, as well as scouts and spies.

Army Games I feudal online divided into eight basic types. Mercenary - basic warrior, not very strong, but cheap in hiring and very useful in the robbery of the enemy. Swordsman - versatile and Spearman Pikeman - good for protection. Archer quickly moves quickly attacks, requires few resources, but poorly protected. Enhanced version of the Archer - Marksman. Trooper is good for attack, and Knight - the strongest warrior and versatile, but also the most expensive. However knightly prowess does not allow him to carry the loot. At the siege of the enemy castle you will greatly help ram and catapult.

To more effectively, more interesting to play the game online I feudal lord should hire several Ministers. War Minister accelerate training your troops, Economy Minister - Resource extraction and intelligence minister just need to detect enemy spies and intelligence secret paths, accelerating the movement of the army.

Hire ministers, as well as to visit the shop and armory you can by clicking the icon in the form of Premium Crown.

MMORPG I feudal lord is designed as a single, and the team at the same time can play thousands of participants.

The first quests you walk alone, gradually increasing their experience and give new titles.

But the training completed and you start to play I truly feudal. And then of course the winner is the one who has the most team whose union is better organized, who owns a winning strategy.

And fight, exploration, trade are not as simple as in educational quests. They have their own rules and wisdom, points and calculations. And here you will very special game calculator.

Stitches manuscripts historian Bertrand Sanders open you an exciting and tragic world of the Middle Ages, when the depths of the Dark Ages, from the bloody chaos and barbarism were first mighty lords. Hundreds of years of fragmentation and endless wars changed short respite reign powerful and wise king who united the power and cunning of the Continent most of the land under his rule.

Grand Palace and it seemed to support the eternal symbol of peace and prosperity.

But kings are mortal, and their descendants are not so wise. And in a brutal struggle for the crown kingdom torn apart by greedy barons and again come century feudal fragmentation, when most yeoman desperately defends his land and the lives of ordinary peasants worthless.

Pen slips out of tired hands, head leaning heavily chronicler. The world was again threatened by the chaos of the Dark Ages. Hundreds of feudal lords fighting each other, because there is no master, able to bend them to a single will. Hurriedly reinforced walls of castles, gather huge army of mercenaries and thugs, the common people are preparing for the worst.

Who will lift up a banner over Elmerhollom, the ancient capital of the kings, who becomes the new monarch?

Strength or cunning, or the army of brave warriors skillful diplomacy will help you play and the feudal lord I win the grand prize - the royal crown of an ancient clan Elmer.

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