Z-WAR Zombies are coming

Alternative names: Zombie War, War Z, Zombie War

Good games in the style of "horror", and even more so with zombies, there are few. Game Z-WAR online - one of them. If you have a desire to plunge into the atmosphere, where people are infected by a virus zombie town struggling to survive, then you here.

The game is also interesting in that you can play it on both the surviving townspeople and zombies. Z-WAR online game plunges you into the world of Holocaust survivors - escaped from a secret laboratory virus that turns people into zombies. Only a few people can resist the virus, and they are united in the war against the infected. Online game War Z passes in Reynvud, England.

The only thing worth noting - is an age limit on the game for those with immature psyche, that is up to 18 years.

Before you proceed with the registration, let's review the system requirements put forward by the developers of the game. Online game Z-WAR does not expose some unrealistic requirements for computer games suitable for even the office version, but internet connection speed should be good, as well as Adobe Flash Player installed the latest version. Online game Z-WAR is a browser-that is, it does not require installation on your computer any software and run in any Internet browser in the operating system Windows.

Join in the game Z-WAR you may not be necessary if you have an account on the social network Vkontakte or Facebook.

If you do not want to tie the game with a social network, the Z-WAR Online registration is very simple - you need to enter the character's name, password, e-mailbox, date of birth, indicate the floor, choose a faction for which you play ( zombies or people), enter the code from the image.

You'll have to accept the user agreement and accept the rules of the game. Registration Z-WAR will be completed after you activate the game account by clicking the link that was sent to the specified email address. After activation, game account, plunge into the world of games. Follow the prompts will walk a little training in the new (yet), but exciting world.

Your character will have the following characteristics in the game:

• Force

• Dexterity

• Endurance

• Intelligence

• Perception

• Charisma

Addition to the features, the game can develop skills such as:

• Battle

• Medical

• Engineering

• Social

• Gain Skills

If you decide to play the game Z-WAR online for people, then you will have a goal - to survive and to clear as much territory from the undead. Can build barricades, repair and create things that will then be used in their struggle.

Play to be careful, because, being eaten, become infected and go to the side of zombies.

If you play the game online Z-WAR as a zombie, then you will move the hunger and desire to eat and tear apart many people as possible. The more people you eat, the faster will develop the skills of your character, as well as its level to rise.

At War Zombies play interesting for everyone without exception. The game has a lot of different locations - some gaming areas - houses with rooms, warehouses, vacant lots and streets. During combat, can use all the items in the location as shelters, but shelters are not sweep sweep.

When you play Z-WAR, there will be plenty of opportunities to find free items in different locations - from weapons to first aid kits and other ammunition.

The game has a very interesting battle system with unpredictable results, because in the battle at any time may intervene either your ally or your enemy. However, to meet the game balance for the attack on the player much lower level you rely fine.

If you are offline, keep in mind that your character can carry out attacks, and he will have to fend off enemies in an automatic mode.

In Z-WAR play is also interesting because you have the opportunity, while in the building, on any wall leave their graffiti - message to other players. This message will be located on a wall for two days.

Also there is a special radio - "Apocalypse FM», in which can enjoy a variety of tunes, as well as listen to messages from other players about the ongoing battles, interesting locations and places where you can profit trophies and free things.

Confronting people and zombies will not leave you indifferent. After online game Zombie War will not miss a minute!

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