Conquerors Eridani

Alternative names: Conquerors Eridani

Conquerors Eridani online - fascinating role-playing game that takes you into the wonderful world of fantasy game, where three different races came together in the battle for a place under the sun.

Join in the game Conquerors Eridani quite complicated. You need to enter your email address, which will be used to enter the game, choose a password and choose the race of your character. Registration requires Conquerors Eridani choose between militant steppe people, proud elves and careful mountain residents. Each race has both its advantages and limitations. In Conquerors Eridani online registration allows you to select one of five images for your character, for every taste and color.

At the beginning of the game you get to control a small village, which will be the basis for your further development as a player. Over time, you will not only be able to turn it into a powerful city, but also take under his control other habitats.

In the game there are four basic resources: food, wood, stone and iron. Every hour you get a certain amount of resources, their numbers will increase as the growth and development of your city. Cities of different races have their own distinctive way of development. All the buildings that you can build can be divided into the following groups: extraction of resources, the city-forming, military, commercial, political and storage.

Each race has its own specific set of units. If successfully combine their advantages and disadvantages supplement, you can create an invincible army capable to capture all the surrounding land.

If you start to play the game online for the conquerors Eridani elven race, you can employ the Druids, werewolves, forest fairies, snipers, boars, unicorns, Ents shadows. And as settlers prepare and build ballista. Controls every serious nature elven army elected Elder.

Deciding in Conquerors Eridani play for mountain people you have at your location such apparently soldiers: master hammer golems praschiki, spear throwers, dark riders drakonoyaschery, trackers, and of course all of this hard mechanical machines: stenolomami and Trebuchet. Establish new settlements miners advancer and manages mountain army Chief.

Game Conquerors Eridani online please both those who love the spirit of freedom and travel. Because they will be able to start playing for the steppe. Among the inhabitants of the steppes you can hire warriors, kopenoschikov, archers, crossbowmen, steppe horsemen horsemen Khan and lookouts. Among technology steppe prefer catapults and battering ram. Leader steppe troops is Khan.

Just started playing the game online Eridani conquerors You'll notice that in the world is far from alone, opening the card, you can view your nearest neighbors and appreciate them for the dangers and opportunities to profit from them something.

Conquerors Eridani online game where character development is present for more than a dozen different skills commander education, cavalry, infantry, leader, training troops, siege weapons, instant refund army intelligence, the chance to avoid attacks and great commanders.

Online game Conquerors Eridani is available in the browser, but also you can download the game client and install it on your computer. The total weight of the game client is not big, but it will allow you to slightly reduce the bandwidth consumption. The most fun to play Conquerors Eridani big company, because then you can create your own game alliance, called the clan. The strongest clans fall into the Hall of Fame game on the main page.

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