Zoo 2 Animal Park

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Zoo 2 Animal Park farm game is not quite a standard look. There are no tractors and gardens in the game, but first things first. Here you will find fun cartoon graphics and musical accompaniment!

Zoo 2 Animal Park will be fun to play! After all, everyone loves petting zoos, where you can not only look at animals, but also stroke, feed, and care for them. Just such a zoo you have to help manage your grandfather, who inherited all this farm. The game just begins with the fact that he receives a letter where he is told this news. He has absolutely no idea what to do with it and here your help will be useful to him.

You can buy

new inhabitants for your zoo, or you can get it by completing tasks, collecting pieces of pictures of puzzles depicting rare animals. To breed animals that you already have, you need to put a couple of animals of the same species in one enclosure and after a while they will have funny babies. Naturally, for keeping animals of various types, it is necessary to equip places for them where they can feel at home. In total, the game has eight types of terrain for every taste.

  • Meadows
  • Plains, steppes
  • Forest
  • Mountains
  • Savannah
  • Rainforest
  • Aviaries with winter climate
  • Reservoirs

Any of the pets will find a house that he likes among such a variety. The arrangement of all these corners differs in complexity and cost. When an animal requires attention, an icon appears above the enclosure where it lives, which will tell you what needs to be done. For example, feed or clean up after your pet. Animals come in different levels and even generations, just like in life.

You can tell a lot about the inhabitants of the zoo, but not only animals are important in the zoo, but also visitors. In addition to the obvious expansion of the list of pets represented in the zoo, make sure that visitors are comfortable. It is important to have paths, shops where visitors can shop and various decorations that will decorate your zoo. Don't forget about pet toys. Animals that play look very cute and delight visitors.

There are

here, and a villain who will try to evict your zoo from the occupied territory in order to build a new shopping center in its place. In the beginning, things really don’t go well, there are only three enclosures, and there are no visitors at all, but as soon as you take on the leadership, everything will change. For development you will need money and various materials. You can earn all this by completing tasks that are very different. Build another enclosure or increase the number of animals, or maybe attract new visitors. But you can go the other way and buy all this for real money. At the initial stage, this will allow your zoo to develop faster.

After a while, you will be able to interact with other players. To do this, you need to build a building called the Club. The club allows you to do business with other clubs, participate in competitions and share resources.

Zoo 2 Animal Park free download on PC you can follow the link.

There is something to do in the game! Spend time in the company of funny animals! Start right now!

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