Dragon's Call 2

Alternative names: Dragon's Call 2

Dragon's Call 2 is a free online computer game. This game justified the hopes of the game world. Game Call of the Dragon II developed in the genre of fantasy.

In-Game Call of the Dragon 2 registration is available to any user. In order to register in the game Call of the Dragon 2 you must specify:

1) your email address and your name.

2) a password.

You can also sign up through one of these social networks: VKontakte, classmates, facebook and my world.

Game 2 Zov Drakona you will travel expanses game, fighting on every corner with the cruel monsters.

Game Call of the Dragon 2 has three game class:

1) Warrior - is the most courageous and brave class. Best fights in the melee.

2) Mage - is the wisest class that has magical spells and different advantages which are not available in other classes. Magee is best manifest themselves on long distances.

3) Assassin - is a brutal class that shows all his cunning and he is like a shadow. This class is strong as melee, ranged so.

Dragon 2 Game Call has a number of features:

1) Three playable character classes. You can control them completely at will.

2) On your way may encounter unexpected and absolutely amazing characters.

3) During gladiatorial you will need to defeat all in order to become a true champion.

4) You will need to go through hundreds of exciting quests.

5) In-Game Call of the Dragon 2 world bosses are waiting for you.

6) You will need to build your own team and go with her on an exciting journey. On your way you will meet various creatures: both friends and enemies.

7) You can get yourself a servant. For this you need razitsya his enemy alone. In the case of your winning you can make it his servant.

In Call of the Dragon 2 game you need to play by developing your character. In addition to battles await you in the game, and other things to do:

- Character learning system;

- System of training talents

- Trade - different forms;

- Farm.

In-Game Call of the Dragon 2 online you have to fight not only on land but also in the dungeons.

Game Call of the Dragon 2 free will allow you to participate not only in conventional battles, a variety of quests, but still dive into the world of fantasy, to participate in these duels in arenas, as well as engage in a fierce battle with these bloodthirsty dragons.

Plus, the game Call of the Dragon 2 is considered

1) Diversified amazing quests;

2) Automatic gaming battles;

3) System kraftiga that advanced than in other games.

4) A variety of classes.

Graphics in the game Call of the Dragon 2 is average, but it absolutely does not spoil the game. Classes in the game to well pump so that you can defeat the enemies of different levels of complexity.

Call of the Dragon 2 - a real exciting game that won millions of users. Join the number of players in the game world Call of the Dragon 2 and enjoy them together with game events!

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