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Space MMORPG game open vast expanses, fascinating landscapes and magnificent cold invited to play online for free. Here you can settle new planets, raising colonies pioneer settlers, research laboratories and experimental crop fields to fight against competitors for precious resources to build a business relationship with humanoids, piloting merchant ships or military. A variety of client and browser-based toy you can select an option from the vending plot, and bravely plunge into uncharted adventure after a simple registration and selection of races.
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Extraterrestrial Space Game Someday people still conquer space for real, and will realize the fantasies that are being implemented only on screens and monitors, when we run the cosmic game online MMORPG. Humanity will begin galactic life, and everyone will have their star cruiser instead of a car. Even small children can manage the shuttles as they are today, they ride bikes, competing with friends to race. The spacewalk will become commonplace, and the myriad stars for light illuminator - a familiar landscape. But while this is only a dream, you can go to a virtual space odyssey and fulfill orders that are sent to us to plant operators or other players. Become a citizen of the cosmos That space toys and options are many and they are all densely populated by players who have been registered. Multiplayer mode allows gamers to join a new and start the party. You can select a single game against virtual characters, but it is interesting to communicate and enter into a relationship with these people. So the surprise effect is not lost due to the human factor, because everyone thinks differently, and thus enters. The choice of topics depends on what role you will be offered: • Space Pirates • Trader • Pilot warship • Patrol On the space station, you can engage in research, studying a hostile environment and looking for useful resources, unknown to earthlings. It is necessary to find valuable material as are other hunters get it. So there is a conflict, and one in outer space ill not survive. Allies must be able to support the fleet. And when the neighbors need help, they made a similar request to you already. Mutual aid a great cause, and together you can stand against any enemy. You can assemble a fleet and send it to explore in search of a different life or a planet suitable for our race. To become a successful mission to take care of the necessary things on board the ship and a good snap. Financial issues Earning money, you can always buy the desired item, or a ship with powerful weapons, impressive speed, cargo space, impenetrable protective field. These ships are a lot of money, and buy at least one can be just a lot of working and accumulating capital. You can earn as an honest way, and looting. The attacks often occur on caravans and scientific expeditions, and to prevent this from happening to you, strengthen the army and work on its improvement. If you are living outside the law, then your power must be really cool. Managing the process Even the most realistic and heaped in terms of saturation menu toys do not cause difficulties with the management. There are options with such simple actions that even toddler to cope with them. In panels painted a clear function of each tab, and virtual assistant first gameplay will not leave without prompting. Every action will be directed and commented on, until you remember all the highlights. The rest of the stuff you learn in the travel time, and do it unconsciously. Ships large and small enough for everyone, but is ready to accept the boundless territory to join the brotherhood of astronautics. Start the engine, supersonic speed dial and go in search of his place among the stars on the way destroy asteroids and enemy and let luck sitting on your tail, tightly clutching his hands.
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