Alternative names: Battle Carnival

Game Battle Carnival: a new word shooter.

I can say that 2016 was not wasted for the world of computer games. He managed to sensibly notice the client online shooter from the Koreans Zepetto, in which the developers found an original approach to the design of the game process. Battle Carnival became the most anticipated game in 2017, while open beta testing continues with heroes who began to speak Russian, and voices were given to them by professional actors.

Previous missions.

To become a part of the virtual world, you need to download Battle Carnival.

You will quickly appreciate the sarcastic humor, woven into an interesting script. You can turn into an idle observer to admire the dynamic fights between the teams, put the likes of especially artistic murders and save episodes or the whole mission in the record.

Personazhi deftly own different types of weapons, whether it's a knife, icebreaker, automatic or completely unexpected items: women's sandals, a microphone, cans with soda and even slippers.

Having everything in the arsenal, it's time to go on a mission. They pass in different locations, and have the following features:

  • Super one team ministers, the second finds and neutralizes shells. Heroes can be resurrected, but only at the initial levels.
  • Art art is a similar task with mines, and the passive and active skills help the actors.
  • The war of technology is looking for useful bonuses on the territory and destroy the members of the enemy team.
  • Destruction is easy to die when you know that you will be resurrected immediately after death.

Sokor to the existing modes will appear new:

  • Diversion maneuvers again hunt for enemy bombs in the perimeter, using as necessary cold weapons and fire arsenal.
  • Tactical detonation we find auxiliary artifacts and clear the terrain.
  • The confrontation is reminiscent of Undermining, however with teams of 3 people.
  • PVE is still under construction.

Personazham cards in hand. Now you are part of the team, which consists of 8 people, and you must act in concert, going to find artifacts, in order to improve talents for a time: energy protection, acceleration in running, a powerful grenade launcher or portable radar, allowing to see the enemy even through walls.

Capabilities will be useful when you participate in a regular mission, wandering through multi-level maps:

  • Casino
  • Beer of Desert
  • The volcano of the volcano
  • Cargo ship
  • WaterCatalogue
  • Arsenal
  • Library

You are also waiting for a difficult choice of character.

  • Aircraft landing in the mountains
  • The secret mansion
  • Dolyne of death
  • Provans
  • Fish bazaar
  • Handling
  • Fortress
  • It's not easy because everyone is so attractive that it's impossible to decide right away who you want to become, a strange clown with the ability to become invisible; Agent Papi with a talent reincarnate in any subject on the ground, even in a garbage container; Seductive scout Natasha or a sexy blonde sniper.

The dresses are also noteworthy: tight slacks, a clown mask, military camouflage and a cowboy hat. Starting the Battle Carnival registration, choose your virtual identity:

  • Queen
  • Phoenix
  • Natasha
  • Cindy
  • The Lady
  • Rumble Jack
  • Rhino
  • KillJoy
  • Papi
  • BigBoy

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