Generals of War

Alternative names: Generals of War

Generals Of War - the First World War is considered one of the greatest events that occurred in the twentieth century.

Game Generals Of War allows you to simplify registration even more and enter the project using social networks:

  • Vkontakte;
  • Facebook;
  • Google +.

А to those who already have an account in looki. Ru worry and do not have to be able to enter Generals Of War online, simply by using previously registered data.

Features of the game process

There in guesses you do not have to - the game will meet you with a friendly training course. As in most projects of this genre, you will have to explore territories, develop and fight, of course.

General of the War game has prepared for you a lot of interesting tasks, so you do not have to be bored. The missions are chosen in such a way that the gameplay is progressing in a balanced way. You can learn new tasks on the special panel on the right of the screen. To begin with, you have to arrange your own military base a little. Here in the future you will hire the military, here you will be trained and trained. Evaluation of the gamer is based on the main parameters. So, to play the game Generals Of War will need to, carefully following such articles of income and waste:

  • armia;
  • buildings;
  • units of espionage;
  • oil refineries;
  • persons;
  • World plants.

To your army could competently fight, you will need to provide it well enough. Your wards not only need to be fed and dressed, you simply have to equip the units with the best weapons and all the necessary ammunition. To monitor the supply situation, monitor the main game resources:

  • neft;
  • benzine;
  • fuel;
  • With
  • ammunition.

Not forget that if necessary, you will be able to cooperate with your neighbors on the game map. With them, from time to time, you will also have to fight - it all depends on your ability to negotiate.

Gaming currency

В Generals Of War you can play without making any investments, but without virtual currency, it will be quite problematic to manage. The basic monetary units are:

  1. Every money can be earned with the help of factories, factories and houses.
  2. For mining gold mines.
  3. Durable diamonds are bought from traders.

Most of the resources can be earned by properly performing tasks. But remember that interrupting the assignment, you will not be able to receive the full remuneration. In addition to bonuses, you will be able to receive awards and rating points - everything you need to become a great commander.


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