Alternative names: Shadow-boxing
Shadowboxing film manages to make some noise, immediately after its release began appearing shirts and caps depicting the protagonists, students massively bought notebooks and notepads with the symbols of the project. There is no wonder if this was in and out of browser application Shadowboxing online. The game was able to attract attention due to the known name, but it later turned out that the sonorous name is not its main advantage. The game is made in the genre of action and being a common application in the social network, in no way inferior to large-scale games that require a set of clients. Excellent project helps to relieve tension. And if the leaders of some Asian companies specially equip rooms "whipping dishes", where after a hard day of work the employee can relax a little and leave the negativity, the domestic rulers simply allow subordinates to pass several missions to annex Shadowboxing. This game allows you to showcase your fighting skills without causing real injury. This, incidentally, is a great alternative to a real "arrows": did not like you as a person behaved in a given situation, invite him to a duel in the game, show how wrong he was, and let the world - why are his fists, then dissolve real life? Gamers can play Shadowboxing in contact or other social networks. The project does not require any download and install additional clients and programs. I wanted to fight - add the application to their page, run and play. Application will offer gamers go the hard way fighter. Together with the main character, you can "rise from the bottom" and from rustic boxer from some backwater to become a real genius of battle. Starting the game, your character will know the minimum necessary techniques you also have to learn all the secrets of life and gain invaluable experience and fighting. In Shadowboxing need to play, taking part in competitions and duels. For each of his successful performance of the player can receive a reward in the form of virtual currency - gold. Last you need to buy some equipment, which, in turn, will improve strength and increase the chances of winning. Gold, that's true, is not considered the main currency in the game. The most important and useful are the jewel in the project Shadowboxing rubies. Earn stones is not so simple, but the effect of their use simply colossal: the hero will be able to buy the most expensive equipment, choose the best quality equipment. Unlike many similar projects Shadowboxing is completely free application. If you pay for something and have the player can easily pay using virtual currency. The fact that the play Shadowboxing free, can not but rejoice, because now you're using only their strengths and skills, be able to pass the project from start to finish. Gather patience, invite friends to the project and proceed to the creation of his own career. Sure you will soon start talking about all the fans of the application!

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