Weapons of the Gods

Alternative names: Weapons of the Gods

Weapons of the Gods online - this is a free online game of the younger generation, which refers to the modern role-playing games. Her age group is unlimited. This wonderful game has been copied from the very popular comic book created in China and in Russia.

To start playing the game Weapons of the Gods from you will only have to register.

Join in the game Weapons of the Gods standard. Initially, you bring your valid email address, then login and password. After clicking on "Create Account", you accept the terms of use. Join Weapons of the Gods successfully completed.

Weapons of the Gods online registration is very simple and will not take you long.

Legend has it that a long time for power over the world for thousands of years fighting demons and gods. But none of these parties in power to resist and defeat. It was therefore decided to entrust the fate of the world to mere mortals by sending weapons to the ground of the gods. It has incredible features such appeal and strength that no man on earth could resist. But in the end, or will win Gods and men bow down to their will, or Demons, but the whole world at the same plunge into madness and chaos.

This online game Weapons of the Gods gives you a chance to understand and bring order to the world and to make sure that the winner was the strongest opponent.

In the game you are six classes, such as warrior, hunter, assassin, priestess, mage, paladin. Play the game online Weapons of the Gods you can one of four types of characters. In addition the game contains more than three unique talents and skills of various kinds of professions like manufacturing and collective. If all these features combine with a couple of thousand jobs - it would be a good basis for an interesting and dynamic game.

Game Weapons of the Gods online will please you with new gameplay elements: a unique system of military shower and incredible variety of pets. In the game you will be able to tame any monster is. Once you tame it, you'll need to feed the monster weapon. Remember that without a large portion of iron or steel, he is simply not able to fight. But after your pet plenty nakushalsya combat, he becomes kinder and give you every assistance in battle, able to transform into a valuable material or increase your performance. In the game there are different mounts - from the simplest to the rabbits overgrown monsters that have powerful force.

Should also be noted that playing Weapons of the Gods is a pleasure, because in front of you will be amazing to watch the situation and drawing games, incredible palaces and dungeons, believable landscapes that might be considered a great height, when you go to air travel.

Excellent graphics, unusual sound effects, awesome gameplay allow you yourself to take part in the creation of a legend, but it's not all the surprises that await you. Weapons of the Gods online game will give you the opportunity to discover the unknown world, make new friends, tame quite unusual animals, to feel the joy of flying, take part in epic battles, win the first weapon of the gods, and determine the fate of the world. If all of the above you intrigued, the Weapons of the Gods you play is the most fun.


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