Strategy Games on PC

How far-sighted and perspicacious will help you understand the best strategies on your PC. Browser and client toys allow you to play, communicating with other players or independently exploring the world. Without shaking and customs control, they will smoothly transfer you to the era of the knights, and you will have to rebuild cities, build castles, make friends or fight with neighbors. This may be antiquity or an unknown future, managing your own transport company or a fantasy territory. Develop territories, trade, get resources, destroy monsters and get rich.

Goodgame Empire
Imperia Online
Empire: Four Kingdoms
Farming Simulator 15
Farming Simulator 16 (FS16)
Farming Simulator 17
Farming Simulator 18
Farming Simulator 19
Farming Simulator 20
Farming Simulator 22
EVE online
The Settlers Online - Settlers
Dogs of War
Deepolis - underwater shooting
Business Tycoon Online
Desert Operations
Seafight - Battleship
Melting World Online
Football Manager
Khan Wars
Space Pioneers 2
My Lands
Gallendor Battlegrounds
Ganja Wars
Divide & Conquer
Destiny Sphere
Siege Online
Grepolis - Ancient Greece
Might and Magic: Heroes. Kingdom
War of Empires
Ways Stories
Variable World
Warhammer Online
World of Battles
Legend: Legacy of the Dragons
Lord of the Galaxy
Reign of Fire
Heroes of War and Money
Time empires
Never Lands
Space Battles
Nemexia Evolution
World Oksaroy
Berserk Online
Glory Wars
Wizard World II online
Total Domination
Forge of Empires
Book of Camelot
Casus Belli
Command & Conquer
Rising Cities
Living After War
Wargame 1942
King Stars
Universal Monsters Online
Shadow Company
Jagged Alliance
Rise of Heroes
Steel Legions
Goblin Keeper
Might & Magic Duel of Champions
The Fate of Nation
Goodgame Galaxy
Medieval Online
Goodgame Gangster
Dune 2
War2 Glory
Eredan iTCG
Eden Eternal
Anno online
Battle dawn
Rail Nation
Rise of Europe
Supremacy 1914
Ceiron Wars
Monopoly Star
God of Axion
Khan Wars
Demon Slayer
Empire Universe 2
From Dust
SimCity 4
Trine 2 Expanded Edition
Defenders of Ardania
Tauri World
Reborn Horizon
Tanks Heroes
Eador. Lord of the Worlds
Lords & Knights
Elements of War
Dungeon Defenders 2
GoD Factory: Wingmen
Age of Empires Online
Empires in Flames
Kings and Legends
Spartan Wars
Merc Elite
Gods of war
Apocalypse 2056
Navy Field 2
Rise of Immortals
Heroes of the Realm
Dawn of Fantasy: Kingdom Wars
End of Nations
Galaxy Online 2
Draconian Wars
Infinity Wars
Future Torpia
Galaxy Life
Stormfall Age of War
Empire Universe 3
Heroes of the Gaia
Ministry of War
Star Supremacy
The Clone Wars era
Astro Empires
Grand Voyage
Swords & Potions 2
Anno 2070
Civilization 5
Company of Heroes 2
Empire: Total War
King's Bounty
Medieval 2: Total War
Medieval Total War
Rise of Nations
Simcity 2013
StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm
Supreme Commander
Total War: Shogun 2
Shogun: Total War
Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne
Warhammer 40000: Dawn of War
Warhammer Dawn of War II
Will of Steel
Behind Enemy Lines 2
The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth 2
Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth
Heroes of Might and Magic 3
Heroes of Might and Magic 4
Heroes of Might and Magic 5
HoMM 6
Truckers 2
Star Wars: Battlefront II
Star Wars: Empire at War
Age Of Fury
XCOM: Enemy Unknown
Cossacks: Back to the war
Divinity Dragon Commander
Age of Empires 2
Age of Empires 3
Red Alert 2
Red Alert 3
StarCraft 2 Wings of Liberty
Stronghold 2
Stronghold 3
Stronghold Crusader
Avalon Lords
Novus Aeterno
Void Rim
Tragedy Protein
Europa Universalis 4
Plague Inc
Call to Arms
Invisible, Inc Online
Stronghold Crusader 2
Wasteland 2
Sparta: War of Empires
Panzer General
Rising Generals
Soldier of Fortune
Astro Lords
Shadow Kings
Medieval Europe
Alliance Warfare
Battle for Gea
Age of Wonders 3
Nords: Heroes of the North
Generals of war
Jungle wars
Tribal Wars 2
Travian kingdoms
A crisis!
Aeon cryohazard
Black Corsair
Legends of Honor
Wild terra
Need a Hero
Lords of the Ancient World
DSF Starfleet
Pirates Tide of Fortune
Cossacks 3
Starcraft 2 Legacy of the Void
Kingdom Come: Deliverance
Heroes of Might and Magic 7
Soldiers Inc
Anno 2205
The Rats Online
Game of Empires
Master of Orion
Total War Warhammer
My Sunny Resort
Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft
Vikings War of Clans
Throne Kingdom at War
Guint: The Witcher. Card game
Total War: Arena
My hospital
Terminator Genisys: Future War
Renaissance War Rules
Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare
March of the Empires: War of the Kings
War Commander: Rogue Assault
Clash of Kings (CoK)
Rise of Civilizations
Empire Millennium Wars
Gods unchained
King of avalon
State of survival
Vikings Clan War
Call of War: World War 2
Mobile royal
Age of Empires IV
Disciples: Liberation
King's Bounty 2
Rise of Cultures
old world
Crusader Kings 3
For the King
Civilization 6
Total War: Warhammer 2
Cities: Skylines
Dune Spice Wars
For the King 2
Halo Wars
Company of Heroes 3
Legends of Kingdom Rush
Strategic Command WW2: World at War
Strategic Command: American Civil War
Hearts of Iron 4
Ukraine Defense Force Tactics
Endzone - A World Apart
Kingdoms Reborn
Urban Empire
Surviving Mars
Aven Colony
planet base
Caesar 3
home world
Tooth And Tail
Spellforce 3
Warpath: Ace Shooter
Lords Mobile
Crossfire: Legion
Epic Battle Simulator 2
Captain of Industry
City of Atlantis
Terra Nil
Broken Arrow
Falling Frontier
Manor Lords
Laysara: Summit Kingdom
Rim World
Age of Darkness: Final Stand
Knights of Honor 2: Sovereign
Master of Magic
Sins of a Solar Empire 2
The Valiant
Commander: Modern War
Land of the Vikings
Territory: Farming and Fighting
Frostpunk 2
home world 3
Viking City Builder
Builders of Egypt
Robin Hood - Sherwood Builders
Steam World Build
Farthest Frontier
Anna 1800
The Moon Hell
Total War: Warhammer 3
Endless Legend
Alpha Centauri
Battlefleet Gothic
Command and Conquer: Remastered
Unity of Command
Unity of Command 2
Steel Division: Normandy 44
Tempest Rising
Third Age: Total War
Battle for the Galaxy
The Universim
SpellForce: Conquest of Eo
Spell Force 2
The Settlers: New Allies
Sons of the Forest
The Last Spell
The Great War: Western Front
Total Tank Generals
Everspace 2
Viking Rise
Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire
War and Order
Age of Origins
Clash of Empire
Rebel Inc.
Crying Suns
The Battle of Polytopia
Rome: Total War
Total War: Medieval 2
Jagged Alliance 3
Great Houses of Calderia
Whiteout Survival
Rush Royale
Anno 1602
Anno 1503
Attila Total War
Jagged Alliance 2
Crusader Kings 2
Disciples 3 Renaissance
Disciples 2 Dark Prophecy
The Settlers 2
The Settlers 3
The Settlers 4
The Settlers: Heritage of Kings
The Settlers: Rise of an Empire
The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom
Kingdom Heroes 8
Against the Storm
Imagine Earth
Power to the People
Pharaoh: A New Era
Pile Up
Warcraft 3 Reforged
Warcraft 2
Total War: Warhammer
Cities: Skylines 2
Total War: Three Kingdoms
Age of Mythology
Sins Of A Solar Empire
Civilization 2
Supreme Commander 2
Civilization 4
Beyond All Reason
Line War
Evil Genius 2: World Domination
Stronghold: Warlords

Strategy Games on PC for all time

The most versatile fun games can be called Strategy games on the PC. In military versions, players concentrate on the development of armies or equipment, constantly participate in battles. Farm toys have an economic dimension. But strategies beat different situations; there is a place for battles with virtual opponents and peaceful pursuits.
All games of the direction have common features:

  • Diplomacy
  • Trading
  • Construction
  • Battles
  • Search
  • Execution of instructions

Although each strategy has these features, there is a bias in one direction or another and, of course, the plot story of each product has its own. Choosing a theme, you will plunge into the incredible world of events for a long time, which develop at the behest of your imagination and the wave of a computer mouse.

Topics Strategies

Imagine that space and time turned back, and you moved from the familiar 21st century into the period of feudal lords, knights, kings, princes and princesses. How to manage a kingdom or principality, you will learn from the experience that you gain by playing online strategies.
It is necessary to take into account the wishes of the population, and if you satisfy the needs of the peasants, they will grow to citizens, then patricians and nobles. Each level has new requirements, and if measures are not taken in time to implement them, the reverse transformation and a reduction in tax payments will begin. This will lead to a loss of money and the opportunity to develop further.
There are several ways to get funds:

  • Trade
  • Income taxes
  • Robbery
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Winning battles
  • Demanding tribute

Currency is also different, from gold to crystals. In order for residents to have enough goods, and currencies for the maintenance of buildings, try to maintain balance, and not storm the events.
Game themes cover all the interests of the players, and you can well become an oilman, a railroad tycoon, the owner of a construction company, the ruler of a small country, a pirate, a space ranger, a knight and a princess. Sometimes developers show real creativity and provide gamers with the opportunity to marry by choosing a suitable candidate from the list. And if the joint life does not work out, you can easily get a divorce.
An army is also needed to defend the land from strangers and attack itself. Until you build up arms power and gain the support of allies, get ready to attack you all the time. These will be short skirmishes that can be repelled, but defeats cannot be avoided. Characteristics need to be constantly improved, and tasks that pour in from neighbors and patrons greatly help in this. If you ignore them, the development will slow down, and while you stagnate, other players will strengthen their positions and destroy you.
Fantasy stories are especially attractive, and therefore developers relentlessly replenish the virtual world with new offers. Elves, orcs, magicians, gnomes, trolls and other fabulous brethren own magic, which brings color to toys.

Download strategy on PC or play in browser

Strategy Games on PC can be downloaded if they are client-side or log into them using a username and password after quick registration. In the client version, you can disconnect the Internet connection and play without making contact with the players, choosing the missions offered in the menu. In browser, the key to success often depends precisely due to the close relationships of gamers, because many tasks are designed so that one can’t cope, and only collectively it is possible to overcome a certain game site.


What are the best strategy games on PC in 2019-2020?

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