Game Ariel Cooking Wedding Cake online

Game Ariel Cooking Wedding Cake

Game Ariel Cooking Wedding Cake online.

Today in the underwater kingdom Mermaid Ariel game Ariel Cooking Wedding Cake is an important day, because her father, King Triton, is getting married. On this occasion, all occupied castle decoration and cooking a variety of dishes. All are so busy preparing this that have completely forgotten that a wedding needs a wedding cake. Good thing about this reminded Ariel and went to the store to purchase the necessary elements of decor, with which she plans to create a beautiful cake. You'll have to go with it and look at the shelves of all the necessary items that she'll be called. Every thing you need to find on the shelf and drag the little mermaid in a wheelbarrow. When purchases are made, you can proceed to the next stage - decorated cake. It certainly will be in three tiers, and each tier can be done in a different color. When finished with this step, you can begin to place a variety of decorative elements in the game Ariel preparing a wedding cake. To do this, every step you will be offered a few items, such as roses of different colors or other items. Choose the ones you like best and click on them, which will immediately place them on the cake. And the final stage of the game Ariel Cooking Wedding Cake will be the subject of choice at the very top of the cake. This may be a figure with the newlyweds, wedding rings, a beautiful inscription or two swans. Choose what you like most and all cooking wedding cake can be considered complete.

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