Game Deep Sea Trijong online

Game Deep Sea Trijong

Game Deep Sea Trijong online.

Mahjong - an ancient board game, but in the virtual space, it evolved and became great little resemblance to the original version. Our game Deep Sea Trijong - is also mahjong, but much has changed. Tiles do not become rectangular, and triangular, and the images on them - not characters, and precious stones: rubies, diamonds, emeralds are of different shapes and gold products. All this we found at great depths in the underwater kingdom, where the remains of tens of thousands of sunken ships with precious cargo. We managed to get there, where no deep bathyscaphe not decide to fall, many treasures lie there untouched for centuries, covered with shells and overgrown with corals. We got them, and you have to pick them up, using wit, observation and logical thinking in the game Deep Sea Trijong. Pick two identical triangular pictures, taking them from the playing field. Try to remove all the stones and clear the space. Use stones that have at least one free side and are not covered by other cards. If you complete the level before the put term, you get a solid bonus points. In the right pane contains buttons tips, mixing and painted eyes, which will tell you which tiles are available, and which is impossible to remove. Enjoy colorful game Deep Sea Trijong, relax at their leisure, playing online on your tablet, smartphone or any computer.

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