Game My Pony : My Little Race online

Game My Pony : My Little Race

Game My Pony : My Little Race online.

Little girl with childhood loves to ride his pony. They are inseparable friends, but recently decided to take part in the children's race. It is distinguished by the fact that the track is not long and ponies should not be tired. But there are some obstacles that can damage not only the animal, but the rider. While the couple is afraid of nothing and ready to get back to winning this very second. In the game My Pony: My Little Race you'll be able to jump with them, jump over obstacles and collect coins. Also ponies need to collect some glowing horseshoes. Fans looking forward to when the couple comes to the finish line. In the middle of the road waiting for the pony will be tasty carrot, which can eat without stopping the run. This will give her the strength to continue the second part of the track quickly. Game My Pony: My Little race so bright and lovely that any child will want to pass level after level, collecting coins and jumping over bridges. The victory is worth it to see the happy faces of the girl and her pet pony. But if you can not time to jump, then the horse will fall, and you will start the way first, one more time. But the third will not give you a chance. Level of play My Pony: My Little race finish your defeat. Little pony rider and it can not hold back tears of frustration, but also still get a few injuries. To avoid this is to be careful and close look at the road.

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