Game Connect Fish online

Game Connect Fish

Game Connect Fish online.

Our Mahjong Connect Fish will not give you a break and this is what sets it apart from other similar puzzles, and a lot of them now on the internet, the competition is tough. The game need to go in the same breath, because a little more than one minute, set aside the decision of the level of problems. The principle of the solution of mahjong solitaire is simple - find two tiles with the same images of fish and other marine life. Found couples need to connect the line, which can not be more than two angles of ninety degrees. If on the way connections are the elements, it will not happen, and you'll lose precious seconds. Forming a row several pairs of the same fish, you get a bonus of extra points. The game Connect Fish you do not just remove the rectangular elements from the field and perform rescue mission. Marine inhabitants bewitched evil witch Ursula. She can not get to the mermaid and decided to break on all subjects of the king Triton, turning them into images on the tiles. Finding the same pair, and remove them from the field, you will neutralize the black magic and the prisoners loose from the spell. Fish, fun waving tails float away to a safe depth. Mahjong - a favorite game does not lose popularity, we hope that our game Connect Fish entertain you and please.

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