Game Disney High School Love online

Game Disney High School Love

Game Disney High School Love online.

Cinderella and Ariel are worried about her friend Rapunzel, she is in love with Flynn and completely abandoned her studies in college, and after all the girls are in the final grade. In the last academic year, it is necessary to press and get good points to enter the university, friends dream to continue studying together. To open the eyes of the princess and help to understand the feelings, the beauties decided to start off for a joint shopping trip. A shopping trip is a wonderful entertainment, during the selection of dresses, the girls will talk, help each other's advice, will wash the bones of friends. Go with Disney beauties at Disney High School Love to the mall and transform the girls. After the return of a friend, Rapunzel will help Flynn write a love letter and invite him on a date. Heroines compose, and you will help to choose an envelope and decorate it with a heart and bandage with a bow. When a guy and a girl meet, Rapunzel, on the advice of friends, will test the boy a little, and you will help him to answer the questions correctly. Choose one of the two options, if the girl is flushed with embarrassment, then the hero hit the point, and the disgruntled person will say for himself. After the first date the meeting will understand how suitable the boy is to her and tell her friends, and you will learn by playing Disney High School Love.

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