Game Pony Rarity Baby Birth online

Game Pony Rarity Baby Birth

Game Pony Rarity Baby Birth online.

Cartoon characters and game characters grow with the small fans, so the beautiful Rarity in the game Pony Rarity Baby Birth has grown up and is already waiting for her own baby. null You have the time to assemble the baby carriage by selecting the items you liked and painting it in a bright color. null It's time for the beauty to get ready for the hospital and you will help her to find and collect the necessary things for the future baby. null Open the doors of cabinets and take out a blanket, diapers, diapers, bottles and pacifiers. null After the assembly, go to the hospital, there will be a mandatory examination: a check of temperature, pressure, uzi, reinforcing injections and preparing for childbirth. null After the birth of the baby, accept and pat her, the happy mother will be grateful to you. null

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