Game Super Barbie Wedding Fashion online

Game Super Barbie Wedding Fashion

Game Super Barbie Wedding Fashion online.

Super beauty and heroine Barbie marries the handsome Ken. null This event had been waiting for a long time, but the couple was not in a hurry to tie themselves up in marriage. null Barbie got carried away with super heroic tricks, and Ken started modeling business. null Today they marry, grandiose wedding is expected, but the bride does not want to remove the mask, so that the villains could not find out her real name. null You are invited if you go to the game Super Barbie Wedding Fashion and help the beautiful bride and her girlfriends: Isle and Delance choose hairstyles, outfits and accessories. null Pay more attention to the central figure - super Barbie, and girlfriends will be a beautiful addition. null The bridegroom falls on the head right before the ceremony. null

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