Game Barbie Fashion Report online

Game Barbie Fashion Report

Game Barbie Fashion Report online.

Cute Barbie, very satisfied with her new job. null She was taken to the post of editor-in-chief of the fashion magazine. null This magazine is very popular among women of fashion all over the world, and Barbie needs to work hard to get through the trial period. null She was given an important task, to make a report on fashion. null Barbie herself will become a model for a photo, but she needs your help. null She will introduce you to the course of affairs, and will also allow you to choose three topics for the article. null Then, you have to choose three different, very stylish and fashionable outfits. null After making three photos of fashionable clothes, go to the dressing room, where you will create an amazing make-up for Barbie. null At the very end, you can look at the new issue of the magazine, which will include a report Barbie. null

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