Game Ladybug Wedding Royal Guests online

Game Ladybug Wedding Royal Guests

Game Ladybug Wedding Royal Guests online.

After Marinette confessed her love for Super Cat Noir, it took a long time. null This feeling turned out to be mutual, and today, the wedding day of two super heroes has come. null Two savior of Paris, they want to unite in one family. null This will be the biggest wedding in the history of the city. null Guests from all over the world will come to this celebration. null Elsa and her boyfriend Jack Frost, also want to attend the wedding of their friends. null In the game Ladybug Wedding Royal Guests, you have to choose beautiful dresses for the bride, as well as for her best friend Elsa. null Then, go on to pick a suit for the groom and Jack Frost. null At the very end, you will see your friends together in the outfits that you picked them up. null

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