Game Couples Winter Looks online

Game Couples Winter Looks

Game Couples Winter Looks online.

At you outside a window a hot summer, come into game Couples Winter Looks and cool. Here you are waiting for a wintry winter, game characters wrapped up in scarves, but not all. Two pairs: Elsa and Jack, Barbie and Ken are going to show you new models of winter dresses and for this are ready to stand half-dressed until you choose their clothes. Famous heroes were invited as models in the photo session for a fashionable glossy magazine. Barbie with the boyfriend are ready for the transformation, dress them warmer, but do not forget about the style and fashion. Create an image of happy holidaymakers or a romantic couple in the background of a beautiful winter landscape. Complete with them, go to the Ice Queen and her prince, do not forget about the hats and scarves, it's warm in you, and the poor women can freeze.

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