Game Barbies Cozy Fall Scents online

Game Barbies Cozy Fall Scents

Game Barbies Cozy Fall Scents online.

Autumn is a wonderful season if you spend time skillfully. Barbie wants to have a get-together at the fireplace. Cozy furnishings, warmth from burning firewood and candles with the scent of vanilla or orange. Scented candles the girl is going to make herself, and you will help her choose a combination of aromas. At the bottom of the panel, select fruits, vegetables, flowers or sweets. Make a jar, decorating it with a beautiful wrapper and a bow. When the surprise is over, look for the dress for the beauty in Barbies Cozy Fall Scents. The girl does not need an evening gown, enough simple comfortable clothes. Barbie will pick up a cup of hot cocoa and light a candle, the fragrance will fill the room and a feeling of happiness will appear.

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