Game The Darkside Detective online

Game The Darkside Detective

Game The Darkside Detective online.

Detective Smith serves in the secret police department of Darkside, he recently opened and is called to help the police in strange cases, where the dark forces are involved. Different things happen in Twin Lakes, and some things are beyond the understanding of ordinary detectives, which is why a department was opened. Our hero is his only representative, he does not investigate the loss of a sock, his paraffia are zombie mafiosi, evil monsters starving for living flesh. In general, all the evil spirits that are generated by the forces of darkness. Right now, the detective is going to the house of a wealthy and respected city dweller, where the murder took place. Everything about this incident is strange and Smith intends to intervene, this is clearly on his profile. Help him as he doesn't have an assistant in The Darkside Detective yet.

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