Game iPlayer: Here come in large numbers - Mosvar online

Game iPlayer: Here come in large numbers - Mosvar

Game iPlayer: Here come in large numbers - Mosvar online.

Not surprisingly, the online game come in large numbers here - Mosvar created Russian company Destiny Development, Moscow because overcrowding - a problem №1. And now you can become a native Muscovite or become visitors, who set out to start up here and its roots. The main thing is to treat the game with humor, because there are many things that show the wrong side of life in the capital. If visitors think that life in Moscow by sweet, they are waiting for surprises. In order to survive, it has to deal with the most unattractive and low-paid work: clean toilets, to descend into the mine to catch rats. But Muscovites behave arrogantly trying pushed the intruders back home, arranging their difficult lives. After a quick registration, you will begin to come in large numbers here - Mosvar play and find yourself caught up in a fight. This sober opinionated visitors who believe that Moscow is building for all. Next, you will survive in the city, where there are police raids, gang violence, looting small and large bandit raids on shops and banks. Once in prison, the police can give a bribe to be released. But before that it is necessary to have time to save some money on such an extreme case. Gradually passing 14 levels you will be able to acquire the experience and increase your ranking to a wealthy man. If the career is successful, you will be available: shopping, exhibitions, discos, cool cars.
iPlayer come in large numbers here, it's a game of survival in the everyday life of the city, where every man for himself. Since the game is browser-based, your neighbors are real gamers who already chose a role of a brave conqueror of the metropolis, or chose to become a native Aboriginal Moscow. Join their ranks and try to find their place.

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