Game iPlayer: My Little Farmies online

Game iPlayer: My Little Farmies

Game iPlayer: My Little Farmies online.

Galactic life online - a fascinating military strategy that will tell you the amazing story of Starling. In one of the next wonderful days on the planet appeared Faerbit evil creatures and had to strengthen its construction and fend off his constant attacks. While he is the destruction you have to very quickly build and strengthen the settlement.
Your main task - is to help the inhabitants of the planet to destroy the villains. Start with the base construction, mining resources required for the construction of buildings and fortifications. At the beginning of the Galactic life you will have to play a little bit of money and resources, as well as a shop in which you will acquire all the buildings and to hire an army. Build workshops that will help to explore new technologies to improve the buildings. If you are attacked by the enemy, try to repel the attack and immediately go to the conquest of the world from which the enemy came. While his forces weakened it should be easy to conquer. After the victory you can get a variety of items, coins and even destruction of valuable artifacts of epic bosses.
iPlayer Galactic life unites many players who are just like you are trying to survive. Try to join forces allying with friends. With the support of friends, you will be able to overcome much more powerful monsters that inhabit the planet and to get the most valuable items. You can buy in-game currency to speed up the process of settlement, and also can buy bonus items and much more to help stop the evil.

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