Game iPlayer: Pirates Tides of Fortune online

Game iPlayer: Pirates Tides of Fortune

Game iPlayer: Pirates Tides of Fortune online.

The game Pirate Code may be made from any user and master the seas storm, here the laws are harsh and only the strongest survive. In the vast expanse of sea are thousands of islands, many are already occupied by gentlemen of fortune, to dream about power and greed, but in the ocean there is enough space for everyone to build his empire and take possession of untold wealth is not too late. In order to become a great filibusters and enter into history to start in the game Pirate Code of registration is a necessity, not a virtual world that would lead not to their heroes. Pass it simply, it can be done via e-mail address or an existing account, one of the social networks. From the very first steps the user is in a private island and a lovely assistant, which will help to understand the details of the newly made captain. After learning to play the game Pirate Code, you can develop your own strategy, but the job is to perform, they bring a good income. To build a great team and hire the most daring and desperate pirates Pirates Tide of Fortune is necessary to think about the resources of all three of them, this is - wood, gold and rum. All of them are made directly on the island, rum factories, gold mines, and timber felling trees. All the command comes from a single point - the commandant's office, and the new daredevils, ready to fulfill any order, hired or anywhere other than in the tavern. Provides all the necessary army need to think about their own safety, hunt for someone else's good rife in these parts. The iPlayer Code Pirate all the troops are divided into defensive and attacking, one can not cope with the attack, the second in the protection. It helps to keep the siege in the attack and save the life of walls and towers that surround the island, and the best pre- attack, reconnaissance conducted from the air. The Pirate Code of playing by selecting different roles, some captains prefer to develop all their own and invest resources only in defense, while others are sent to the winds to plunder Spanish galleons and ruin the island's neighbors, others earn in trade and diplomacy, the choice is up to the players. Many captains have realized that in a cruel world not just one, and began to build alliances and create associations, this is rational, joining forces to withstand much easier.

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