Game iPlayer: Soldiers Inc online

Game iPlayer: Soldiers Inc

Game iPlayer: Soldiers Inc online.

Game Art of War conflict, the present military operations with different types of troops from infantry, passing to heavy artillery and air strikes to support ending the air. Here, the player receives a command of"Secret Agency", which will combine the forces of the whole world community to wage war with the corporation"Zeng Shi,"for the sake of the most valuable resources found in the lost African country. Regular troops and mercenaries from around the world compete in the hot desert armed with a huge corporation for the right to maintain the existing world order. Play the game Art of War conflict with bare hands also do not have modern equipment, the latest weapons, all of which can receive a player if he proves that the command is experienced enough to use it. Resources iPlayer Conflict The Art of War is very limited, in hot climates and constant collisions, to get them built specialized facilities, for example, fuel is produced using towers, food dropped from helicopters onto the platform, and ammunition appear in the arsenals. All of this is stored in warehouses that require protection, as in warfare attack zone can be expected from anyone anything. To start the game in the Conflict of The Art of War registration is a necessity, for this you need to enter your email address and password in the appropriate form, or to use the data from your account on a social network, which are located in the window of a button. Authorization allows you to go under your name from the different devices connected internet. The Art of War The conflict will have to play, taking part in these battles, the enemy is cunning, but the player complete freedom of action. Battles take place step by step, players will be able to make a number of moves, how many units on their firing points, so you need to think carefully to make the next move. To his squad can bring friends, willow I do not mercenaries, they can be invaluable. Strategies Soldiers Inc more, you can go all the way alone to expand its influence on the territory, or engage in large corporations, they are considered to be allies of the other commanders, they do not attack each other, but rather combined army to fight the aliens. The third option, to become a trader or a burglar, so you can earn and strengthened, the morality of the war - survival.

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