Game Hotel Mahjong online

Game Hotel Mahjong

Game Hotel Mahjong online.

In a world often conduct various competitions in different kinds of games. One of the richest men who took a great interest in Chinese culture, decided to make a big and grand competition on such a famous game like Mahjong. All lovers of puzzles from around the world came to him in a hotel that would be to find out who among them is the best player. And you would like to participate in this championship? Thanks to the game Hotel Mahjong you will have such an opportunity. You have to go chain qualifying rounds to reach the final. Let us remind you the rules of the game. Before you will be on the field objects with painted pictures on them. They will form a variety of geometric shapes and lie in piles that you have to parse. To do this, carefully inspecting the objects get two items with the same picture. Finding them, click on the same and they will disappear from the playing field, and you will be given points. The faster you disassemble the stack of articles and the more points you earn the faster you'll be taken to another level. Game Hotel Mahjong has a rather cool thought-out plot, beautifully-drawn graphics and relaxing music. All fans of this type of games is very exciting to hold their leisure hours. Invite to play Hotel Mahjong friends. Open the game Hotel Mahjong on our website and find out who among you more attentive and smart.

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