Game Skeleton Launcher online

Game Skeleton Launcher

Game Skeleton Launcher online.

For skeletal important that bones strong, and this contributes to eating foods containing calcium. This explains the love of skeletons to the eggs - or rather, to the eggshell. Especially valuable dinosaur eggs, they have large sizes and shells on them thick and strong. The game Skeleton Launcher you help skeletons begin to hunt for eggs, and it will take place in an unusual way - with the help of guns. Dinosaurs are aware of the preferences of the skeletons and try to hide the eggs in a safe place, protecting them maximum possible way, but this does not stop hunting for shells. To reach the desired extraction, bone men are capable of any tricks, even become projectiles for the gun. Turn skeleton in the cannonball, shoving him into the wide muzzle of the gun, aim at the target and shoot. To get to the egg, have to remove the wooden beams, activate the explosive device used all the available objects in the vicinity, to achieve the goal. Game Skeleton Launcher requires you to not just shoot straight, but do it wisely. You can shoot without thinking and do not get results, or shoot one time and get what you want. In any case the brain useful, but they just need the puzzle, or will not work. Skeletons rely on your wits, because eggshells them is vital. Now you can Pomozgovat over puzzling puzzles in html5 game Skeleton Launcher on mobile devices, easy to open the toy and start playing at any time and wherever you feel comfortable. Do not deny yourself the pleasure to spend time with a clever and fun game, you will appreciate the graphics and cheerful music.

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