Game Tom Cat Kissing online

Game Tom Cat Kissing

Game Tom Cat Kissing online.

Even cats have love and affection. Cat Tom spent much time alone, doing petty pranks and mischief. But at one point he was not interested in it, because he met a beautiful Angela. This white cat has been able to completely change our bully Tom. Now he is not poking through the trash at, and spent all his time under the windows at the cute Angela. But all around against their relationship, because the cat is a simple street, and Angela pedigreed home cat. But love two cats should not suffer from these prejudices. Therefore, that is under the balcony of Angela in the game Tom Cat Kissing, to have time to kiss her. They were intently watching a dog, and Tom does not get caught while kissing him. Help the two lovers fur seals to cope with his desire and realize it. Until the time is up, to which Angela let go for a walk on the street, they should kiss. Do it so that the dog does not see them. The cat that will make the tips, because he feels the approach of the enemy, and at this point is to let go of his beloved. Play Kiss the speaker Tom Cat simply, if you are smart and attentive. The main thing is not to lose time in vain, and to monitor the appearance of the dog. Then I kiss your scale will be filled, and you will pass the level, collecting the required number of points. Continuation of the game Kiss of the speaker Tom Cat is a little more complicated, because the job will remain so, and even increase the number of points required, and the time will be in the residue from the previous level. Two enamored cat should not suffer from the fact that someone does not like their love.

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