Game Bee and Bear online

Game Bee and Bear

Game Bee and Bear online.

Bees usually do not favor the bears, clumsy like to eat fine and often ruin the bee houses. Our bee in Bee and Bear game was much smarter than their relatives, she has agreed to bear that lived in the neighborhood. Bear and bees have agreed the essence of which is to bear regularly brought a pot of honey, and then he will not attack and destroy the hive, causing irreparable damage. Your task in the game Bee and Bear is to help Bumble The Bee deliver sweet treats shaggy sweet tooth. He eagerly awaits a treat, and the bee will have to overcome a long way to its lair. Remove the road cute bees flowers, collecting them in a clearing. To disrupt the flowers, you need to find a group of identical flowers growing next to them and should not be less than three. To the problem did not seem to you a chur easy, we have limited number of moves, and with each level you will be all the more difficult to carry out the mission. All in the game Bee and Bear forty levels and pass them is not easy. If you do not have enough time to play at home, grab a game with him, because it is perfectly open on your mobile devices: smartphones or tablets.

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