Game Azure Sea Fishing online

Game Azure Sea Fishing

Game Azure Sea Fishing online.

We all love nature, fresh air and of course fishing. It's so nice to sit on the bank of the river, or take a swim in the boat and go fishing. Among the fishermen even spend a fishing tournament, and today in the game Azure Sea Fishing we'll take part in one of them. So, taking a spinning you sit in the boat and bring it to the water spaces. On the top left you will see the radar. He will show you the boundaries of the water surface and the fish that travels over it. As soon as one of them will fall into your field of vision you just need to click on the cursor, which you will see on the screen and you throw a spinning Once a fish bites, you will see its icon in the right corner. Immediately start to pull. But be careful, if you see that the line red it means that a strong likelihood that it will break or rod break, so tighten it slowly. For each fish with scopic you get points. Species of fish a lot and give each of them a different number of balls. So if you see several species choose the one that you want to catch. Just by typing a certain number of points you can buy a new fishing rod. Game Azure Sea Fishing is very interesting and exciting. We are confident that opening the Azure Sea Fishing on our website you will spend great time fishing.

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