Game Memory Game online

Game Memory Game

Game Memory Game online.

Memory - important component for mankind, one who does not remember the past are not able to build the future. Did you know that the memory can be trained as muscles, developing it and making it stronger. It is desirable to do so since childhood, is no coincidence, since Junior Kindergarten, children are forced to learn poems, learn songs. Our game Memory Game This simulator for memory, which in a playful way quietly to the child, strengthen the memory and make it more acute. Allow your baby to play, the rules are simple and easy: for a minimum period of time, open all the gray card on the field, followed by hiding funny toy animals: domestic and wild birds, and insects: bears, penguins, pandas, elephants, hippos, parrots, pigs, bees. Characters carefully drawn in the game Memory Game and very similar to the real toys, kids will be interesting to find them under the tiles. To examine small animals, it is necessary to remove all the tiles, and this is achieved by the fact that you find the same pair of animals and their appearance is recorded. The faster you open the entire field, the more points you get as a result. All in the game Memory Game eight levels. In the first four tiles, and the last for as much as thirty. Good luck to you in the development of memory.

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