Game Pixel Road Taxi Depot online

Game Pixel Road Taxi Depot

Game Pixel Road Taxi Depot online.

Welcome to the pixel city in the game Pixel Road Taxi Depot. null A quiet town lives a normal life: residents go to work, shopping and periodically they need to use the services of a taxi. null Public transport is not loved by everyone and is ready to pay more money to travel in comfort. null You decided to organize a taxi service from almost nothing. null While at your disposal is only a smart car with checkers. null Go on the route and pick up the first passengers. null In the upper right corner you will see the length to the final destination, where you need to deliver the passenger. null When the indicator reaches zero, you have to stop to get the customer out and leave you a good tip over the tariff. null On the money earned equip the base, you have a small plot, it's time to build it. null

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