Game Rapunzel's Flower Crown online

Game Rapunzel's Flower Crown

Game Rapunzel's Flower Crown online.

The first spring flowers seem the most beautiful because they please bright colors after the winter cold and the white monotony of sparkling snow. Rapunzel loves spring and summer, it is worth to blossom in color, as the girl runs into the forest to enjoy honey aromas and weave a colorful wreath. Flower wreaths have recently become a trendy trend, so you will not have to learn to pick flowers, weaving it in the crown. In the game Rapunzel's Flower Crown, you will help the princess build a luxurious ornament on her head, which was given by nature itself. We have already woven several options and placed them on the left panel, choose the option you like, add green leaflets. Under the crown pick out the outfit and hair.

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